IPSY February 2014 Sneak Peek 1 (First One)


Cost: $10 per month

Here it is,  the first Sneak Peek for Ipsy February 2014 POP Beauty Plump Pout

I have used POP Beauty  Producst, but this will be the first Pout Product.  I am super excited to try this lip product and hope this time they stick with makeup products for February, but I wouldn’t mind more Sexy Hair products!

If you not sure about what Ipsy is then click here to refer to my January  Ipsy Review.

2 responses to “IPSY February 2014 Sneak Peek 1 (First One)

  1. I really hope I don’t get any more sexy hair products. I can’t use any of them. I’ve tried them before and I’m allergic to them (I’m allergic to most hair products – I use Honest Company stuff only atm). I’ll gladly trade you the spray I have from last month and any more I get for other products you have that you won’t use (that I can use of course). lol.

    • That sounds like a plan! I would definitely do some swapping with you! Ouch.. I could not imagine being allergic to my hair products… I did have one allergic reaction though but it was to an acid peel.

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