Wet Shave Club Subscription Box 2014

wet shave club

Wet Shave Club

Cost: $29 per month (7.99/month shipping applies outside the contiguous 48 states and canada)

Coupon: Sign up today and receive a FREE Safety Razor and brush in your first Wet Shaving box (no coupon needed)

What is  Wet Shave Club?

Wet Shave Club send monthly shaving goodies to your door every month, from shaving soaps to double edged blades. Each box contains razors, wet shave soaps, styptic matches, and mystery items for your shaving enjoyment!

All products have been hand selected, tested, and approved by a team of gentlemen that we call The Product Vanguard

The box seems really practical for men searching for new inventive ways to shop for shaving supplies.

wet wet shave

Your first box will include their Wet Shave Double Edged Razor, Boar Brush, and more… this is great especially  if you are looking for a gift for a guy hard to shop for! The images above is of some of the items from their September box!

It appears many of the items (according to the many reviews I have read) are Wet Shave Club authentic items, which is hard to judge if the value for this box is really there or not. From what I found those that have subscribed for a while rave about the contents within their boxes, loving the special after shave oils and exclusive perks.

What do you think about Wet Shave Club?

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