Hello Fresh Weekly Menu November 10th 2014 Reviews and $20 Off Coupon!


Hello Fresh

Cost: as low as $69  per month (only $49 to try three meals with coupon code!)

Coupon: Save $20 off of your first Hello Fresh order with coupon code NF53K4

What is Hello Fresh?

Get delicious recipes and all the ingredients in the exact quantities for 2 or 4 people. In the Classic Box your box will include a photo recipe card and everything you need including meat and fish and even herbs and spices. In the Veggie Box get delicious vegetarian recipes and all the fresh ingredients in the exact quantities for 2 or 4 people.

I usually order the Classic Box, for two people $69, however, lately I have had customer service issues about a few of the recipes missing key ingredients or worse issues. My last box (could not post and barely could cook) had pork that leaked all over my other meals (fish and beef…yuck) and when emailing Hello Fresh (they have no contact number) they issued a credit for my meal in full. Actually, it sounds great but in actuality they only issued a $20 credit for just one of the meals in my box. I contacted Hello Fresh to educate them that to use the word “fully” is an oxymoron if they are just crediting one or the three meals. Needless to say, I have placed my last order with Hello Fresh, which is such a shame since I was such a dedicated fan. Although I was a bit dismayed by their recent resolution I still kept my final order, which I absolutely loved. Below is the review.

Check out the meals I ordered from the Wednesday November 10th 2014 delivery (You get to Pick any three): Spicy Poblano Chili, Bayou Shrimp, & Mustard Crusted Chicken.


Every order comes with the Recipe Cards for each of your selections. I selected 3 different meals from  the November 10th 2014 Selections. Every order arrives just when they say it will and comes in a huge box like a chest, insulated with foam and ice packs! This one came in perfect condition!


One item I fail to mention in my many reviews of these boxes is the prep work involved. Each meal may take up to 30 minutes to cook, but you will have to cut your own veggies and prep your own meat. Not a bad thing, but for the novices it may take some time for you to perfect the timeliness of the process.


First up….. Spicy Poblano Chili- 

This was one of my favorite dishes. I love that I get the opportunity to try new techniques and not risk messing up my kitchen or feeling like I wasted my money. The taste factor is always their, as each recipe is taste tested by the Hello Fresh Kitchen.


Mustard Crusted Chicken- 

This was the least favorite of the three dishes, but still not bad. The roasted veggies ( a bit of oil and salt) were super easy to make. The chicken would have tasted better without the mustard but went well with the veggies.


Bayou Shrimp-

My daughter loved the shrimp and could have eaten the whole dish by herself. I was amazed with how fast this meal was done and the taste of everything was fantastic!

The one reason I love these food subscription boxes is because of how I can easily create a new and fresh meal flawlessly every week or at least once a month (meals took under 30 minutes each)!

It is amazing the items my husband and kids are trying with these boxes. My husband especially has seen that he is not as picky when hearing the name of an ingredient is in the food, because most of the time he smells it and it smells fantastic! The menu is updated weekly and I love how they have ton’s of recipes each week!!! You can skip multiple weeks, and there is no membership fee!

Although I say this is my last meal with Hello Fresh, it was so good I may just end up coming back to them after the New Year. I have been with Hello Fresh for over a year and only had minor missing ingredient issues or spills until this last incident. So who knows I  may have a change of heart and will keep my ear to the wall to see what changes they have in their customer service department first!

What do you think about Hello Fresh?


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