BzzAgent (Free Product Trial) Kroger Co. Family of Stores NEW HemisFares™ line BzzKit Review!

BzzAgent (Free Product Trials/Testing)

Cost: FREE!!!

What is BzzAgent?

BzzAgent provides Free Product Trials and Testing to consumers everywhere from several Name Brand Companies, like Dunkin Donuts, Nestle, Kroger’s, Publix’s, P&G and more! The Consumer/ Manufacturer partnership allows testers to share their finds with friends and earn points/levels to be asked to do more testing!

Although this is my first review, I have been with BzzAgent for a while now and have received all kinds of freebies such as:

  • Secret ClearGel
  • Sara Lee Pound Cake Slices
  • Littlest Pet Shop Playset’s
  • International Delight Creamers

BzzAgent Tasks:

Product Testers are given tasks like any other box such as posting to instagram, twitter, facebook, or youtube.

This Month I received a Kroger Co. Family of Stores NEW HemisFares™ line BzzKit!

HemisFares™ BzzKit contents:

  • 1 Free HemisFares™ Fusilli Bucati Lunghi (16 oz.) Value $3.99
  • Coupons for friends and family to save $1.50 on any one HemisFares™ product

Let’s take a look at my Free Product Trials of the New HemisFares™ line  I received for the purpose of this review courtesy of Krogers & BzzAgent!

When receiving you BzzKit the box will be a regular cardboard mailer (or sometimes envelope) with the BzzAgent Branding going around the box. Sometimes you will just receive a manufacturer’s coupon instead of the samples being delivered, but you will find out on your BzzAgent Dashboard after qualifying for the campaign.

As mentioned above I received the HemisFares™ BzzKit contents, which includes a FREE package of HemisFares™ Fusilli Bucati Lunghi, Menu Cards, and Several Coupons. I also received a cute fold out card that described in more detail about the line and helpful tips on BzzAgent campaigns (pictured above)!

The only down side to the menu cards was they did not match the product received, however, they are a nice thought! The coupons are pictured above for Family, co-workers, and friends. I usually leave any extra (after giving to neighbors, friends, and family) I have in the break area so that they are fair game!


*photo credit - Wikipedia

The product trials are a great way to immerse yourself in product discovery. Where else would I have found out that the pasta I received is from Campania, Italy and was first made by twisting a pasta thread around a fuse or a spindle!

Since I received these noodles for Free and only had to do what I always do and share the news, I call this product testing membership a win! I am waiting for the perfect recipe to cook for my daughter these noodles, but I loved being able to find new products that I can adapt into my lifestyle for free!

What do you think about BzzAgent? Have you tried any HemisFares™ varieties yet?


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