Walmart Spring 2015 Box Subscription Box Review!

  Walmart Beauty Box

Cost: Only pay for shipping & handling, which is always a flat $5 fee! Every Quarter (Season) it ships!

What is Walmart Beauty Box?

Each new season receive different products in your Walmart Beauty Box! You’ll find sample beauty products and tips on how to use those and other items sold at Walmart and on just for $5!

 The contents of each box is virtually a mystery every season. Subscribers may receive like items, but there are virtually several options a subscriber may receive based on profile questions, age, and availability.  This month, there was an abundance of foil packets and coupons in every subscription I have seen so far.Schwarzkopf essence ULTIME Omega Repair & Moisture Conditioner & Shampoo (1.7 fl oz each) $1.76

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Boosters Facial Cleanser (0.5 fl oz) $0.42

The value of the products started rather low, but it was a nice introduction to new products that I might not have been aware of before. The only negative other than that was that both these products are full of chemicals and sulfates.

Dove Go Fresh Orange Blossom Restore Body Wash (1.8 fl oz) $0.45 & Lady Gaga Perfume Sample

The Dove Body Wash is nice for traveling since I often use their body washes, but I think they could have provided a better sample size. The perfume sample was not my favorite, I would have preferred the addition of a miniature.

Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara, Extreme Black (Full Size) $7.99

For me, this Full Size Mascara made the box worth it! However, I saw that some subscribers did not receive any full size beauty items.    Endless Foil Packets were added, which if you subscribe to cosmo you will find that these were also in the past issues. I really don’t mind foil packets that are sent in bulk, and in this case these repeats (when combined with my cosmo samples) allow me to really test these products before my purchase! So far the Miracle sleeping cream is one of my fave sleeping masks!

All in all… for only paying $5 I would say this box is worth the cost for my individual box! The item that made the box worth it for me was the Full Size mascara at $7.99, but seeing that some subscribers did not receive this sample I could not in good conscious suggest that the value will be good for all subscribers! Only one of these items were full size and I found that many subscribers received different beauty products than I did, some received all foil samples and deluxe samples.

What did you think about the Walmart Beauty Box?

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