Bocandy April 2015 International Snack and Candy Subscription Box Review and Free Trial Details!

 bocandy (candy subscription box)

Cost:$15 per month

Coupon/Offer:First Month Free with the Purchase of Your First Subscription (2 months for $15 – code required) available here.

Ships:  around the 8th – 15th of each month; U.S. only.

What is bocandy?

Ever dreamed to get a monthly candy subscription? Well here is you chance for your dreams to become reality! bocandy sends 7-10 different International varieties of candy right to your door! Did I mention that they are having a free trial right now for their paid members; all you have to do is sign up for their monthly subscription and they give you two months for a one month price!

I received this bocandy subscription box courtesy of bocandy for the purpose of review; let’s take a peek at the subscription!

 Mini Takis Fuego (1 package) $0.73 & Nestle Mirage Chocolate Bar (Made in Switzerland) (1 bar) $2.04

The corn based spicy mini taco chips are rolled into mouthwatering bite-sized perfection. My daughter loves these!

The Mirage bar is like the ultimate Kit -Kat bar; the milk Chocolate coating and crispy layers make this bar sublime!

 Las Gran Sandias – Watermelon Gummy Candy (1 pack) $0.69  & Morinaga – Ramune Soda Fizzy Candy (0.91 Oz.) $4.42

The gummy candy was among the first candies to go out of this box. My son said these were fantastic and made his mouth water with every bite!

The Morinaga  Soda candy was a treat based on the Japanese Best Selling “Ramune” lemon-lime Soda (their version of Sprite).These were exceptionally delightful as they just slightly felt like they bounced around on your tongue!

Hopjes Coffee Candies (5 pieces) $1.25?  & Milkita Milkshake Candy (4 pieces) $0.50?

The milkshake flavor of the Milkita candies was fantastic… really tasting like a milkshake!

The coffee-caramel flavored Hopjes candies are from Holland are smooth and delicious!

 Napoleon Assorted Sours Hard Candies (9 pieces) $1?

The Napoleon Sours instantly make you pucker and are better than the candy lemon heads.

One thing that I wish was included was at least a description card or the nutritional information. Although I wished the information card was provided, I was able to effortlessly look up the nutritional information and descriptions online (mostly through Amazon). bocandy does state on their webpage that if you have any food allergies that you may not want to subscribe.

With food/candy/and snack subscriptions, one thing subscribers must know is that the materialistic value will always be low… especially, if the items are Health Food or International items (International Shipping is High). When subscribing for one of these styles of subscription services, only expect to: 1. Receive Good Customer Support (should be the same regardless of the service you are buying), 2. Find an Experiential Gain, 3. and expect your taste-buds to get well rounded.

What do you think about bocandy?


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