Curlbox April 2015 Subscription Box Review – “Attention Hair Product Junkies”!


Cost: $20 per month plus shipping

What is Curlbox?

Naturally curly women have their hands full with trying to maintain our tousled waves and decadent curls. Now curly haired girls of all textures can experience new and even cutting edge products every month; shipped directly to your home. No more worrying about that overwhelming feeling when looking at all the choices in the isles and isles of products in every store, because now you can rest assured that every month affordable products will arrive like clock work every month on your doorstep! Every month subscribers will receive 5-7 hair products (a mix of Full and sample sized products).

Since I am trying to revert my hair back. to its natural curly state I need all the help I can get, so I am trying Curlbox for the first time! My children also have coarse and thick textured curly hair so we all go through tons of hair products, which can be very expensive when you are experimenting on new hair remedies.

On with April 2015 Curl Box review!  When your box comes in the mail, it actually arrives within a standard brown box (box within a box).  Included in every box is a quick reference guide that includes a letter from the editor and run down of the items included.  OGX Vitamin B5 Shampoo and Conditioner (Full Size) $7.50 Each ($15 Total)

The formula is said to moisturize and protect hair from daily stresses and future damage, with a sodium lauryl sulfate free formula. However, just because it limits one sulfate, they seemed to replace it with another Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate. I am not to worried about sulfates, but I do prefer that any shampoo/conditioner I use as my go to is sulfate free. Occassionaly I might use a shampoo/conditioner with sulfates if I am not worried about hair color.

OGX Anti-Breakage Serum, Nourishing Coconut Milk (Full Size) $7.99 & OGX Moisture Plus Vitamin B5 Weightless Oil Mist (Full Size) $7.99

The coconut milk serum contains keratin and ultra whipped egg white proteins. I think this is a much better smelling alternative to homeopathic recipes I have tried that was a mixture of egg whites, olive oil, coconut oil, and mayo (old school). The vitamin oil contains vitamin B5 which is said to speed up the moisture process and rebuild damaged lipids. Right now I have to go to oils: Davines and Bumble & Bumble… can’t wait to give this cheaper version a go.

OGX Argan Oil of Morocco Shampoo and Conditioner  (Foil Samples)

These foil packets will go in my emergency travel stash!

All-in-all, I paid around $25 (includes shipping) for my box and received around $32 in Full Size hair products. It’s not the best month, but at least Curlbox is consistent with the curation!  If you are a hair product junkie, transitioning back to your natural locks (like me), or just have curly hair than this box is a must!

What do you think about Curlbox?


One response to “Curlbox April 2015 Subscription Box Review – “Attention Hair Product Junkies”!

  1. I want to put a plug in for deva curl products if you haven’t already tried them. I straightened my hair for decades and recently decided to embrace my curls while also letting my gray grow out. I started deva curl products about 9 months ago and my hair looks fabulous. It is strong, healthy, vibrant, fabulous shine to it, it bounces right into its natural curl without any work on my part. All I do is apply the deva curl products. If you read the reviews on amazon you’ll see what I mean. Anyone who tries deva curl stays with deva curl. There is also a special hair cut for curly hair people that I began to do about 6 months ago and it is very flattering. I don’t see ever going back to the old style hair cuts. Deva curl offers a training program and lists certified stylists in your area on their website.

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