Influenster April 2015 #FreshisFierce VoxBox Review!


Cost: Free!

What is Influenster?

Influenster provides  a free-to-join community with tons of chances for subscribers (aka Influensters) to receive complimentary boxes of full-sized product to test, rate, and review!

I am fairly new to Influenster and found it to be a perfect way to score some freebies. The survey’s and assignments are fair and easy and all you need is a bit of time to complete each Vox Box Task!

Let’s take a peek at this month’s #Freshisfierce VoxBox!  Carefree Acti-FreshPanty Liners (20 QTY)

It’s official… this is the smallest VOXBox ever (The box is smaller than a stack of cheese singles)! It’s not a bad thing, since these panty liners came just in time and are completely free! These are discrete enough to stash in your purse, wallet, or even back pocket! I love that these are paper thin but absorb well…. perfect for Summer!

So as you see I received a free, complimentary product courtesy of Influenster! Why would anyone not be a part of this community? Keep in mind that all samples/products may be different and are based on your eligibility to receive these items complimentary of Influenster!

What do you think of Carefree liners?

 "I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."

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