NeckTiePhoon (Tie Subscription Box) April 2015 Review and 20% Off Coupon Code!



Basic Subscription – $10 per Month (1 quality tie per month),

Premium Subscription – $25 per month (European designed 100% silk tie),

Subscription Plus – $35 per month (receive a new tie  and an additional random fashionable item)

Coupon: Use code SAVE20 to save 20% off your First PREMIUM (Saving’s of $5) or Subscription Plus Order (Savings of $7)!

Ships:15th of each month; US only with exception of Armed Forces

What is NeckTiePhoon

Each month receive a high quality tie! All you need to do to get a new tie every month is choose between a: Basic Subscription (1 quality tie per month), Premium Subscription (European designed 100% silk tie), or Subscription Plus (receive a new tie  and an additional random fashionable item). Once you make your selection, you can just sit back and relax and let NeckTiePhoon do the hard part!

I love these Tie clubs/subscriptions! The men I know wear the same ties over and over, failing to realize what a statement a fresh clean pattern on a tie could do to spruce up their daily look! Father’s Day is around the way so I am getting excited to see what great gift ideas I will find for all those Father’s I know!

I received this NeckTiePhoon subscription box (Basic Box) courtesy of NeckTiePhoon for the purpose of my review. Let’s take a peek at the Basic Subscription Service!

 Manzini Neckwear Men’s Woven Dotted Paisley Neck Tie (Iridescent Blue/Brown) $7.49

The downside is that the box came with no Tie information, but most men don’t care to hear about what makes the tie special. They want to get a durable and good looking tie! I priced the tie based on the high side of the average I found when researching this brand online… The color seems to be unique as others were brown or dark blue shades.The sheen is what really caught my attention, not to mention the packaging was above par for gifting!

 (Close Up)

The Hand Woven Dotted Paisley pattern is gorgeous and I can see that the quality is there!


The Mazini Menswear label is attached and I love the length of the tie which according to Specs. on a similar tie I found is  around 3.50″ x 58″ ( W x L ).

All in All, I have to say I was impressed with my experience. The slender box made it through the carrier without a dent and the tissue wrapped tie enclosed is one of my favorite ties! Now, as far as the value since this is the basic tie subscription the cost is around $10… The tie by my estimates is higher than the $7.49 I priced it because of the uniqueness of the ties colors. No matter how hard I tried (and trust me I research) I could not find another like it! This gives the tie instant points and value making the value of the subscription perfectly matched! I didn’t have to stand in a line of rows of ties, looking for the perfect one, nor did I have to really do much work at all…can we say that this is the ultimate subscription box perk!

What do you think about NeckTiePhoon


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