Julep May 2015 Secret Store is Open!


Julep Maven

Cost: Subscription $24.99 a Month; subscribers can purchase a 3 month plan and each box is just $19.99!


Shop at julep.com for exclusive colors and savings!

What is Julep?

Julep Maven gives you exclusive access to hand-pick trendsetting new nail colors, cult faves and cutting-edge beauty products based on your beauty profile. If you are a Nail Addict you will adore the top niche brand Julep and the Monthly Subscription Box Julep Maven. Each month Julep releases a new collection, and you can decide which collection you want, you can upgrade/add-on to the collection, or you can skip.

Secret Store:

Those who are already Maven’s can enjoy the Secret Store, which offers a steep discount to their shop every month just for subscribers! Now even Mavens who skipped their monthly box can still partake in the Secret Store!!! For those that did get the March Box, and email may not have been sent out to you, but early access is available from the App or your Dashboard!

Interesting Finds:


And then there are tons of $4.99 to $14.99 polishes, beauty items, and sets!

What do you think about Juleps Secret Store Options this Month?


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