(New) Vellabox (Soy Candle Subscription) May 2015 Subscription Box Review


The Standard: $10/month (plus $2 shipping) 1 (12oz) Candle
The Aficionado: $20/month (free shipping) 1 (8oz) Candle.
The Luxe: $30/month (free shipping) 1 or 2 (total 12oz) Candle(s)
Ships:  5th through 15th of each month; United States Only (Canada shipping available in June 2015).
What is Vellabox?

New to the subscription box world, Vellabox is a new candle subscription service that specializes in sending subscriber’s 100% SOY artisan candles! Subscribers can easily select from their three box options based on expected burn time: The Standard: $12/month (~25 hours of burn time), The Aficionado: $20/month (~50 hours of burn time) or The Luxe: $30/month (~75 hours of burn time).

I receive the The Standard Vellabox courtesy of Vellabox for the purpose of this review.

  This is the first Vellabox, which normally ships in May, but I received this one early for review purposes! When receiving your package the box holds the burlap wrapped candle within the The Standard $12/month subscription (~25 hours of burn time).  Hidden in this burlap covering and twine bow is a soy candle. 

No. 11 Mini 3.5 oz Amber & Moss Soy Candle by P.F. Candle Co. ( 20-25 hour burn time) Retails $11 

I love the candle light you get from the warm colored glass of the candle! The candle’s fragrance (Amber/Musk) genuinely smells like Calvin Klein’s Obsession Cologne but after the first with passes it has an almost citrus note.

The Vellabox Standard box is $12/month, which is not too bad since the value of the candle itself is $11, but for the candle lover I must note that experience ways heavily on this subscription service. Each month is a guarantee that you will get at least 20+ of burn time and a new scent each time. For me, I have little time to shop so I always end up getting the same ole’ candle from the same ole’ store (the same down to the scent). With Vellabox, I like that I am able to try a different selection every month with no effort at all for a reasonable price!

What do you think of Vellabox?


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