(New Launch) Scent Trunk (Women’s Fragrance Line) Subscription Box Review and $5 off Coupon!

 Scent Trunk

Cost: $15 per month (3 scent samples) or $20 Seasonally (4 scent samles per quarter)


Ships: US and Canada free

What is Scent Trunk?

Scent Trunk started out delivering men’s fragrances, but are now specializing in unique women’s fragrances! Choose from Newbie or Experienced, then finish the profile and Scent Trunk will send you three delicious new scents suited to your fragrance tastes! Scent Trunk even has a shop on their website where you are able to purchase the full sized products of the scents you liked.The best thing about the subscription is the ability to sample fragrance that are not readily available!

I received Scent Trunk (Women’s line) Courtesy of Scent Trunk for the purpose of this review. Let’s take a peek at what subscribers will receive when they subscribe!

Once filling out your scent profile, Scent Trunk does their best to match the fragrances and they will even ask how adventurous you are! So if you want to stick to preferred aromas you can!

Each Scent sample comes with a Scent card, that describes the duration in which the scents lingers, the suited time of day, a summary of the scent and Brand, and my favorite the preferred Season to wear the fragrance.

Interesting Fact about how they debate the fragrance concentration they send to you…..

Each fragrance oil has different amounts of oil and this affects its longevity.

 Here are the different types of fragrances and the amount of oil in them:
1) Eau Fraiche: 3% or less
2) Eau de Cologne: 2 – 5%
3) Eau de Toilette: 4 – 10%
4) Eau de Parfum: 8 – 15%
5) Soie de Parfum: 15 – 18%
6) Parfum: 15 – 25%

Thank you Scent Trunk for that enlightening information!

 Panda by Zoologist Sample

Based on my preferences, many of my selections were heavy on Oriental and Citrus! The Panda perfume has aromas of bamboo and zisu leaves so it is one that falls back on my preferred scents based on my completed profile. This has to be one of the top scents I have received from Scent Trunk! The scent is so clean and earthy, but has a tiny bit of citrus and mint… when it starts to wear it smells almost woodsy.  Darcy by Parfums by de Marly Sample

Another surprisingly sweet scent that I adore! This is my number one! Darcy is a blend of lemon, orange,jasmine, rose, and sweet notes. I am a fan of sweet and citrus so this one won me over quickly!

Cool Fact:

The Parfums de Marly fragrance collection, named after the famed French Marly castle, draws inspiration from the legacy of Louis XV and his love of breeding thoroughbred horses and creating perfumes!

 Pauline by Rance1795  Sample

Darn it… now I have to recant my previous statement and state that this is now my new favorite!!!! So many fantastic scents, I can’t just choose one! This fragrance has top notes of Sicilian orange with a slight allure of exotic ylang ylang and cotton blossom!

Man did they do a fantastic job at selecting this one for me. I took a shower just so I could scrub off my last perfume and lather myself with Pauline! It really smelled that good and the tiny vial is super concentrated so just one dab lasted all day! Sign me up Scent Trunk because my experience all the way through has been absolutely charming!

What do you think about Scent Trunk’s New Women’s Line?


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