RocksBox Accessories Subscription Box May 2015 Review #1 and Free Box Coupon Code!


Cost: Subscribe for as little as $19 per month!

Coupon: Use code subscriptionistxoxo to get your First Month FREE (Limited to the first three subscribers Every Month)!

What is RocksBox?

RocksBox created a way for you to get  jewelry and accessories every month with a handpicked touch! Each month your personal jewelry stylist will send you an array of jewelry that you can wear and return at the end of the month or keep it for longer! Once you are done with your selections, then just send it back and another array of fine jewels will be headed your way! If you are like me, there will be some pieces that you can’t live without…. well… you have the opportunity to buy those pieces and save 20% off retail prices!

Your order will be based on your profile results, which matches your individual preferences. This box is perfect for all costume jewelry and accessories addicts; I am definitely addicted to all things costume jewelry!!!! Their designer collection includes (but is not limited to): Gorjana, CC Skye, House of Harlow, Loren Hope, Margaret Elizabeth, Wanderlust + Co, and Kendra Scott!

If you missed my Last Review then click here to check out my prior review!

I received a RocksBox subscription box courtesy of RocksBox for the purpose of this review. Let’s check out my Second picks for April 2015!

Included in your subscription is a welcome letter from your personal stylist, which includes:

  • a description of the pieces included,
  • why she added them for you,
  • the retail/member price for each item,
  • a care guide (i.e.avoid soap),
  • and a reminder to review each piece so it makes it easier for your stylist to curate the next box for you!

These are all designer pieces, so expect the value to be high for each item!

  Perry Street Alice Necklace (Retail Price $88) $70 Insiders’ Price

As I have always stated in my reviews about Perry Street Jewelry it is such a Subscriber Perk! The brand is exclusive from Rocksbox, so if you don’t buy it from Rocksbox then you can’t buy it at all! If you are in need of a few Statement pieces that will consistently wow everyone that see’s them, then shop no more… Perry Street will have what you are looking for!

I loved the look of this necklace! It’s just to pretty to pass on, plus I have nothing like it! This one is not going back!

  Perry Street Bleecker Crystal Earrings (Retail Price $44) $35 Insiders’ Price

The earrings are the flower shaped ones you see in the picture above! They are so adorable, but I found that my new short hair cut hides them, so I think I will try these another time (yes, you can re-add items to your wishlist, if you want to wear them again later). Slate Beyond the Horizon Necklace (Retail Price $56)  $44 Insiders’ Price

This necklace makes an intricate yet noticeable impact! Each bar is separate, which creates movement and allows the tiny crystal to pick up eye catching refractions of light!

Now I have to make the decision of what I will buy, return, or keep around to wear a bit longer! I think my stylist did a fantastic job at matching these pieces to my style. I could even see about using my Forever Spend on these items! For those of you that are new to Rocksbox the Shine Spend & Forever Spend is money/credits earned every month for your subscription (for being a Shine Insider) ($10 every month and $25 for invites).

Reminder: included in your box is a return package envelope and label to return the items you decide not to purchase or wear anymore. If you mistakenly trash the return label, then all you have to do is log into your Dashboard and print another label off to mail the items back!

If you want to keep any of the pieces than you just go to your RocksBox dashboard to make the purchase and send the other items back. One thing I have noticed is that as soon as you review the items and USPS receives the package another box is on it’s way! I already received my other box while I was typing up this review! The process is super easy and with my coupon code is free for you to try for the first month (at least for the first 3 each month could use my code)!

What did you think about RocksBox?


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