Plated Review for Memorial Day Weekend 2015 and Coupon to Get 2 Plates Free!



Cost: $15 per plate (minimum 4 plates)  or $12 per plate with membership plus free shipping (2 plates free with coupon)

Coupon:Get Two Plates Free with your first Plated order  Click Here !

Selected Delivery Option was: 5/20/15 Wed. for Memorial Day Weekend! Options are no longer available.

What is Plated?

Plated delivers fresh, ready-to-cook ingredients paired with gourmet recipes so that you can cook delicious, hassle-free meals at home. Choose which recipes you’d like each week, and Plated delivers all of the perfectly portioned ingredients directly to you – No need to grocery shop or recipe hunt, and best of all, no excess waste! We provide you with a convenient and nutritious to make something extraordinary!

Past Review: If you missed my prior Plated review click here to take a peek of how amazing it turned out!

Selections are updated every Monday and are delivered either on Wednesday or Saturday, here is what I ordered from the Memorial Day 2015 Menu (No longer Available, but take a peek at current Menu Availability Options):  Korean Beef Tacos Menu #1 (2 Plates)

First, I ordered the Korean Beef Tacos (2 plates)! I chose only two menu items this time around. I went with an Asian inspired cuisine for my selections this month!

 Crispy Tofu Menu #2 (2 Plates)

All the ingredients are separated for you, so all you have to do is set out your cutting board, set the oven, and get started! Every order comes with a Gigantic Menu/Recipe Card. Here is the step by step instructions pictured on the back of one of the card with pictures!!!!

The separated ingredients for each menu item ( Korean Taco’s pictured above) make prep work a cinch. However, if you are a novice at the whole speed chopping thing, then this may take a while to you learn to perfect the chop. I had my nephew (who loves to cook) prepare this meal! I am a bit slow myself at the prep work, but I have noticed that my speeds are increasing as I progress through these different recipes! Warning- One thing they tell you to do before you start is to read the recipe card all the way through before you start.

 Plated Korean Beef Tacos Menu #1 (2 Plates) w/ Kimchi

What I love about Plated is that I am able to increase or decrease the amount of ingredients as I see fit. For the Korean Taco’s I chose mine with Kimchee, but my nephew prefers his without kimchi. I think this was one of my favorite dishes of all time! 

Plated Korean Beef Tacos Menu #1 (2 Plates) without Kimchee

All in all-— the menu selection was fantastic and I was able to try twists on foods I would never have tried before. the tofu will be updated to this review later… I never got around to cooking it and will most likely have to refresh some of the ingredients that most likely spoiled by now (vegetables).

You can also select a Vegetarian Box as well! The menu above has an assortment of meatless entrees to add some flavor to your Vegetarian palette! If you are experimenting with some Healthy Resolutions this year this subscription allows you to minimize confusion and hassle, because there is no meal planning, just follow the easy to read recipe card,  and you only make enough for two to four people so you avoid waste! Say good by to grocery shopping trips where you stand in the aisle all day just to look for one type of spice for a new recipe your trying out for the first time!

The menu is updated weekly and I love how they have ton’s of recipes each week!!! I live in a rural area, so being able to select future orders for my busy lifestyle is ideal! Also we do not have too many choices out here and I am not much of a got out and eat type a person, since my kids are super picky. The meals allow me to get out of the normal life of parenthood and try something with minimal sacrifice. Any time I go out to eat it is like the battle of the minds and the kids always win….this time Mom get’s to pick!

Did you order your Plated box? 


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