Birchbox June 2015 Subscription Box #1 Review!

Birchbox June 2015 Sample Choice Review

Cost: $10 per month and earn points for reviews to use in the Birchbox Shop

Coupon: Use code FAB100 to get $10 in Birchbox Points, which you can use in the Birchbox store to get any Full Size Product without many exclusions!

Buy a women’s yearly subscription, get a free MAKE Cream Luminous Lip Gloss in Dragon Fruit use code BBMAKE

What is Birchbox?

Distinguished for being one of the first beauty subscription sampling services offered, Birchbox has made a long and hard stride towards success.  For just $10 per month subscribers can sample trial sized luxury cosmetics and beauty products (sometimes even receiving a full sized product!)

If you missed my May 2015 Subscription Box take a look at it here.

What is Sample Choice?

Sample Choice has been around for a while now, which allows you to choose one of your samples or select the guest/special curated box. If you’d rather not choose a sample, then they will still curate a box for you based on your beauty profile.

For box #1 (I have two subscriptions: the regular Birchbox and the Beta Full Size Birchbox $20 extra a month) I went ahead and scored The Tig Box! Let’s take a peek at what else I have received!

Included within each subscription box is a list of the full sized product costs (card above), the theme, partner, and uses of each product included in your box!

 DAVINES by Davines SU/SHAMPOO RENEWING PROTECTIVE AFTER SUN SHAMPOO (2.5 fl oz) $6.80 & Real Chemistry Luminous 3-Minute Peel (.07 fl oz?) $1.98?

I’m a fan of anything Davines, which this citrus smelling shampoo and body wash is super moisturizing! I used this as my travel size for my past trip and the citrus smell lingered aromatically in the air and not so much on the skin (I used my sample as a bubble bath and it worked pretty good)!

The real chemistry mask is one I have already tried this year and although I’m not an instant fan found that I’m not exactly head over heels in receiving this product again but I’m not mad because it will get used.

 Harvey Prince Hello Body Cream (0.50 fl oz) $0.92 & Marcelle BB Cream Golden Glow (0.24 oz) $4.05

The Harvey Prince line is very good, but has a tendency to show up a lot in Birchbox and is slowly showing up in other subs as well. I have so many of these lotions and creams I never will probably have to buy a full size.

I was impressed with the BB cream! So much I went ahead and ordered a full size even though it applied really light on my skin tone! The formula evens tone, controls shine, and does seem to mask imperfections! I must say that between this BB Cream and my Cargo Tinted Moisturizer I received this month I’m loving how good and natural my skin is looking! A worthy investment!

 Oribe Cote d’Azur Fragrance (sample)

I’m wearing this scent right now and love the fresh clean scent of the perfume! The fragrance actually lingers on the skin and slowly fades from floral to a musk… the scent is very addictive and yet calming at the same time!    Also included this month was a code to receive a prize, with a chance to get a $1,000 Birchbox shopping spree. I didn’t get such a luxury but I did get a 10% coupon!

The value of this box was really low averaging around $13.75; although, it did contain all great products that I will use and the BB cream is something I always wanted to try! The variety of exclusive products in my Birchbox is always fun, but the one thing I loved most was being able to select my sample choice full of box items already revealed! I switched from month to month; paying  $10 a month to yearly $110 which makes my boxes around $9.16 a box (or you can also say I get one month free)! Also I ordered a secondary Box with a different Email, since I was not able to upgrade my existing Annual box under the Full Sized Beta Upgrade for the $30 plan to get a few Full Sized cosmetics!

Full Size product Review of Beta Full Sized Upgrade Box coming up shortly!

What do you think about this months Birchbox?


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