Need a Belated Father’s Day Gift? Luxury Barber Box (Men’s Grooming Subscription) June 2015 Review!

Luxury Barber Box

Cost:  $29.99/monthly, $27.99/month with 6-month plan, or $25.99/month with an annually (plus get your first box free).


Ships: Worldwide – Free Shipping – Ships the 20th of every month.

What is Luxury Barber? 

Luxury Barber caters to men’s grooming needs, which allows each subscriber to receive a variety of grooming products. Included in each box are new scents and formulas, which for any man can be something of a process if they never make time to do so. Come on… how many men take the time to try new grooming products? Many men stick to what they know, which leads them to missing out on new discoveries and exciting  changes!  Within your monthly subscription, each subscriber will receive a mix of Deluxe samples, travel sized, and  full-sized products which include each of the following categories:

  • Preshave
  • Skin/body
  • Shave cream
  • Aftershave
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Hair styling product
  • Skin/face
  • DE Safety Razor Blades
  • Featured full size product

You essentially will receive over 10 different products each month, which includes a full-size product!

I received The Luxury Barber Box Courtesy of Luxury Barber for the purpose of this review. Let’s take a peek at what is included!

Included in your box, will be an information card that explains in detail the uses, full-sized cost, and description of each item. What I did not show in this review, is how carefully packed this box is! The keepsake box (pictured at the beginning) has a magnetic front closure, which I just love! Now let’ s talk about how the box was packed–A box within a box was how it arrived so the keepsake box was perfectly protected, and then each individual item is covered with care with durable tissue paper! This has to be the best packed box ever… It’s like Glossybox for Men….not one item had a spill or was out of place, so the presentation was flawless and intense!

Foil Packets: Brickell Men’s Daily Strengthening ShampooBold For Men Dry Shave Gel, & St James of London Mandarin & Patchouli Pre-Shave oil & St James of London Black Pepper & Lime Post Shave Gel

ok, so anyone that has been subbing for a while tends to have a natural distaste for foil packets and tiny samples….For me, it really depends on if it is a brand that I wanted to try or not that makes the difference. Interesting enough these samples smelled delightful but the number of uses are quite limited to one use.

Dominello Vitali Clarifying Face Wash (1 fl oz) $3.17 & dr. brandt Pores No More Vacuum Cleaner (0.25 oz) $11.25

The face wash is from a brand I am not familiar with, but is cruelty free, vegan friendly, 99% natural, and gluten free.The only thing is I can hardly find a review about this stuff… guess this will be thrown into my test pile!

I now have a full size Dr Brandt vacuum cleaner since I now have 4 samples of the same thing I received recently from various the subs I receive (value $45). I’m exited because the stuff works well, and I’m content with Biore strips so I would never pay $45 for a full size of this stuff but I do like it!

Towel Dry Paste Styler for Men (0.5 fl oz) $3.61 & Voskhod Double Edge Razor Blades  “Teflon” Coated $2

If you have ever had a Birchbox Man account then you should be familiar with Towel Dry products and how highly rated they come! Their is a cult following with this brand and their styler products smell amazing and work efficiently! The dry paste is a first for me, but after just feeling how hard it is to work with and trying it on my sons hair I found that this product was way to drying! The hold is there but it is super stiff!

The best known and most common review for duration of sharpness and smoothness! It is one top rated blade and I can’t wait to give it a go!

Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Cream (2.5 fl oz) $8.02

This shaving cream has amazing reviews (4.5 stars with 2200 reviews on Amazon). The scent and smoothness of shave make this luxury shave essential a must! The woody blend of sweet Sandalwood and Cedar, with a mix of Lavender and Rosemary and a touch of Rose even made my legs happy! I am loving the scent so much right now!

Almond Creme – Bath – Stirling Soap Company (?/sliver) $0.50 & Luxury Barber Fresh Richie Cleansing Towelettes (2 pack) $2.01

The first thing I smelled when I opened the box was the Almond Creme Bath Soap (petroleum free and no harsh chemicals) that had a marzipan-like scent… like someone spilled top-shelf Amaretto in the box! I love Amaretto and this soap was spot on for me! I loved it so much I bought a couple on their site for $4 ea to have in reserve! You have to smell the soap it is amazing!

The wipes are individually wrapped in a discrete envelope; normally, you would buy a box of 10 for $$9.95. These are perfect for neutralize body odor or freshening up after a day at the gym!

I received over $30 worth of grooming products, which is around the cost of the box! For future subscribers, one thing you need to invest in is a safety razor before trying this box (not included), or take a look at some of their razor offerings available in there SHOP. Luckily for me I already invested in a straight razor, which the blades fit nicely! Yup… I not only shave my legs with a straight razor, but I edge-up everyone’s hairline with it also (#benefitsofcosmotologyschool)!

What do you think about the Luxury Barber Box?


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