Beauty DNA June 2015 Subscription Box Review!

Beauty DNA

Cost: $25 per month, includes FREE Shipping

Ships: U.S. Only

Special Offers and Promotions: None

What is Beauty DNA?

Beauty DNA is a monthly beauty subscription service tailored to finding remedies to your very specific beauty references; whether, in the categories of: skincare, hair, and body. Upon sign-up,  subscribers are able to take a survey which tailors your beauty experience according to your individual preferences. Each month Beauty DNA, sends you one full size beauty item each month based on your preference match.

I took advantage of the RueLaLa special ($59 –normally $100 — for a 4 month subscription) they offered for this subscription (expired). If you have not already, Follow my blog to find the latest and greatest offers for subscription boxes… this way, you won’t miss out on these great offers next time!

Let’s take a look at what I received for June 2015!  Inside every subscription box is a detailed card which covers the details of the item included and specifications on why it was selected to match your specific needs and preferences. For my concern, it was between Fine Lines/Wrinkles and Damaged Hair.GOLDFADEN MD Liquid Face Lift (Full Size) $68

Just this product alone paid for my 4 month subscription plus!  This serum is one I am glad to have! The preferences I selected aligned me with this product and after application I can clearly feel the tightened skin and improve elasticity. The matte formula is extremely velvety but applies like a primer in a way since it is first a gel and then matte. The formula really does help to smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but the results are short lived. The only problem I have found with this is that I have to apply a moisturizer on top and by rubbing in the formula the effect seems to go away, so reapplication is often necessary.

 As a first time subscriber, I also received a bonus item —- this Phyto Botanical Relaxing Balm (1 oz) $6.30

I have always been a fan of the Phyto Brand, but found that some products just don’t work for my hair type (mixed/fine/thick/semi coarse when curly). In the past I have tried the straightening balm before when I relaxed my hair but have not tried it since letting my curls grow out, but this relaxing balm has fantastic reviews and the Phyto name (organic hair straightening options) is constantly growing. I’m a bit confused on the name though… I believe that it is the same as the straightening balm and that it just changed names but was not able to find confirmation of it.

All-in-all, I paid $59 (normally $100) for a 4 month subscription through the special offer through RueLaLa (expired offer). The Value of this month’s box alone paid for the whole 4 month subscription at a total of $74.30 (does not include what I would have been charged for tax and shipping)! Needless to say, I am a growing fan of this subscription, because clearly this is a product I would never have tried and the value is ever present!

What do you think about Beauty DNA?


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