Nerd Block Block Friday promo!


 NERD Block

Cost: $19.99 plus shipping (Shipping is $9.50 to $12.50)

Coupon: BLOCKFRIDAY to get 50% off. Coupon good until 11:59pm on 11/30/15.

What is  NERD Block ?

The Canadian company, originally established Nerd Block to nurture your inner geek and/or gamer. The best thing is that the subscription box ships Worldwide! I love that Nerd Block carries youth sizes for their shirts and you get a shirt every month!



Nerd Block already offers amazing value every month to our subscribers, but we’ve cooked up our most incredible offer ever this weekend!

This weekend we’re offering everyone 50% off of month-to-month subscriptions across all our blocks. Our accountants said we we’re crazy, but we’ve safely locked them away in order to bring you the best deal ever!

That’s right, everyone can get a month-to-month subscription for 50% off until Monday November 30th at 11:59 PM EST.

Just use promo code BLOCKFRIDAY for an incredible savings!

If you’re looking for a block filled with the most amazing pop-culture collectibles, there’s absolutely never been a better time to subscribe and bring home Nerd Block! Grab a block for yourself or grab the gift that keeps on giving for family and friends.

Check out all our great blocks and don’t miss your chance to take advantage of #BLOCKFRIDAY weekend!

unnamed 3

Sci-Fi Block – December Subscriptions Open!

December subscribers can expect treats from classic franchises, including Star Trek and Firefly! We’ll also be including Star Wars surprises to help subscribers celebrate the release of the new film, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens!

And you’d better believe we’re making sure to pack in a Funko Pop!

Subscribe to Sci-Fi Block!

unnamed 4

Nerd Block Classic – December Subscriptions Open!

Star Wars takes over Nerd Block Classic as we catch Force fever with the upcoming release of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens! Subscribers can expect a bounty of surprises celebrating the Star Wars saga from classic to present!

Subscribe to Nerd Block Classic!

unnamed 5

Nerd Block Jr. – December Subscriptions Open!

Nerd Block Jr. continues to offer incredible value and makes the perfect gift! This month, both Junior blocks are bringing a robotic surprise and an adorable new plush friend to go on adventures with! There’s plenty more to be found in both Junior blocks to delight both the young and the young at heart!

Subscribe to Nerd Block Jr. for Girls!

Subscribe to Nerd Block Jr. for Boys!

unnamed 6

Arcade Block – December Subscriptions Open!

Bring home the best gaming franchises with Arcade Block! This December, subscribers can expect an incredible surprise from The Last of Us and Just Cause 3!

In addition to new franchises, we’re also kicking it old school with a treat from an arcade classic! And every subscriber can expect to find a vinyl set we know you’ll love!

Subscribe to Arcade Block!

unnamed 8

Comic Block – December Subscriptions Open!

One of our best deals gets even better for Comic Block subscribers this December!

Judge Dredd proves he’s still the law with a variant cover and Scarlet Witch makes an appearance. The Dark Knight also glides in for adventure along with a few more surprises!

Subscribe to Comic Block!

unnamed 7

Horror Block – December Subscriptions Open!

Halloween never ends with Horror Block, and this December is no exception! Subscribers can expect another great surprise from The Walking Dead!

And you may not want to go to sleep when you find a terrifying item from A Nightmare on Elm Street inside December’s block!

Subscribe to Horror Block!



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