ePantry August 2015 Eco-Friendly Household Products Subscription Service Review and $10 Discount Offer!


Cost: Depends on items selected; I paid $54.66 for everything pictured and out the door!

Coupon: Receive $10 off by clicking on my link here!

What is ePantry?

ePantry is a subscription service that  offers a remedy for those of us that are tired of running out to the store for our household needs. The eco-friendly subscription service offers a variety of brands including Method, Mrs. Meyers, Seventh Generation,Yes, and more! The service offers many ways to place or refill your order, such as: Mobile App., Phone Reminders, Computer Dashboard, and email!

How does it work?

First, create a free ePantry account by filling out the questionnaire and list the products/brands you like. From there ePantry will make suggestions based on the size of your household, frequency of cleaning, needs,and brand choice (even allowing you to select the preferred scent). I was surprised to find that for my three person household I just needed a bi-monthly order, but could modify my order at anytime.

I tried ePantry for the first time, and unlike my offer I have listed here received a 25% off order reduction. The process was super easy and what motivated me to make my first purchase was the fact that they had several different scents of Mrs Meyers cleaning products! In my area it feels like a constant treasure hunt for the Basil Scent (my favorite) so I was excited to find that ePantry had the best selection of Basil Scented products I have found!

After your initial start you will be offered a VIP Membership (regularly $39.99) at a discounted rate (mine was 1/2 price), which offers free shipping with every order, VIP only sales, and a free full size product per quarter (over $20 in value each year).

My average shipping on this order was around $2.99 every two months ($17.94 for 6 months out the year), so for me the VIP membership would not be so lucrative. However, shipping depends on many factors and can change, so each subscriber may find that this offer is the best option for their needs.

Let’s take a look at the products received!


Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Dryer Sheets, Basil, 80-Count (Retail $9.79) Paid $8.31

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Liquid Hand Soap Refill, Basil (Retail $10.41) Paid $8.31

Mrs. Meyer’s Multi Surface Spray Cleaner Concentrate (Retail $14.38) Paid $8.99

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Toilet Bowl Cleaner (Retail $4.97) Paid $4.99

Yes To – Cucumbers Facial Towelettes (Retail $5.94) Paid $5.49

Mrs. Meyers Soy Candle – Basil- 4.9 oz (Retail $11.99) Paid $10.39

Method Moisturizing Body Wash (Retail $4.99) Paid $4.99

Total = $54.66 for everything pictured; Saved $7.81 on everything and that includes the $2.99 shipping cost!

The experience I am left with after subscribing to ePantry is fantastic! The savings.alone for these eco-friendly brands and fragrances  is more than enough to keep me as a subscriber, but to add the flexibility to auto-ship, skip, cancel at anytime with no penalties is a serious perk! When receiving your box, each item is individually taped to prevent unnecessary spllls during shipping. Right now you can save $10 on your first order by clicking here!

How do you like ePantry?


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