(New Subscription Offering – Young Women’s Age 14+) Loving Yourself First-Now Subscription box Review!

Loving Yourself First-Now box

Cost: Choose a $29 (1 month), $84 (3 month), $165 (6 month), or $320 (12 month) subscription!

Coupon: Get 10% off all subscriptions with code LYFNOW

Ships: Free Shipping

What is Loving Yourself First-Now box?

The Loving Yourself First-Now box is a support system of sorts for young women subscribers age 14+ ! Each month subscribers will receive 4-6 hand picked, fun, and friendly reminders to Love Yourself First!

First, I have to say this box touched me! I was contacted by a wonderful single mother of two children, who has worked in the field of education as a school psychologist for the past 21 years! I’m not usually such a sap, but I found many commonalities between her and I. Such as raising two kids by ourselves, full time careers in Education, and our love for psychology. When I was offered a chance to review this subscription (courtesy of LYFNow) I immediately jumped on the review bandwagon and had to see this subscription in action for myself!

As a parent of a tween daughter (she is almost 12 — the subscription suggests this is best for ages 14+) I was able to use her as my test subject to see her initial reactions and how she felt about receiving this type of box each month.

Let’s take a peek at the current subscription box!
 Included within the subscription box is a description card that lists the items included as well as the cost and a brief overview of why the items were included. I love that the card was taped to the lid, which allowed you to see the contents and look at the card at the same time with little to no effort!  Wrapped in bright tissue paper lays every item, which the curator purposely selected to elevate your teens sense of belonging, positivity, creativity, self-esteem, and self-love!
Vintage Classic Pu Leather Notebook for Diary, Travel Journal and Notebook Purple ($18.99), Teal Mini Crystal Stylus Pen ($6.98), & Organic Sweet Treat (est. value $0.50)

The Journal is gorgeous and durable! The color is awesome and the design adds a bit of flare to the journal! I almost kept this journal for myself!

I was able to find the pen available on Amazon for $4.99 but the shipping was $1.99! Out of everything included the Pen and Journal was my daughter’s favorite items! Her favorite color is blue, which I am so glad that a lot of thought played a part in color selection, since many other boxes probably would have sent pink!

The candies were a nice thought, but my daughter was not a fan of the flavors and she eats just about anything.

 (Continued) Vintage Classic Pu Leather Notebook for Diary, Travel Journal and Notebook Purple ($18.99)

Inside the journal is enough pages to last her a few months, which also has a weather chart above so she can associate her moods with the weather (great for reflection)! There is enough room to buy and add more pages if needed, so this journal will last quite a while!
 (Continued) Teal Mini Crystal Stylus Pen ($6.98)

Here is a close up at the crystals in the pen. the colored stones really make the pen look luxurious and unique!   Pretty Show Vintage Weave Infinity Leather Multilayer Handmade Braided Bracelet ($7.99) & Mason Jar Affirmation Set ( est. value $15)

My daughter could not get enough of this bracelet and the trendy design! The soft baby pink and cream ropes are very flattering on every skin tone and the affirmations in the jar was a nice touch.
 (Continued) Pretty Show Vintage Weave Infinity Leather Multilayer Handmade Braided Bracelet ($7.99)

The detail on bracelet is gorgeous!

(Continued)  Mason Jar Affirmation Set ( est. value $15)

Inside the Mason Jar are these Affirmation Cards. The deck is made up of 35 cards can be placed one by one or just face the card you want to see towards the front daily. I gave these to my daughter and although I was a fan, she looked at them and then just kind of started writing in her new journal.

Instead of keeping them in the Mason Jar, I decided to use them on the refrigerator and on her mirror in the bathroom (my own personal subliminal messaging…lol)! This way every morning she will see a different one and will just feel good about the day! I love these affirmations, which I prove you can use them any way you see fit!

All-in-all the subscription was curated beautifully and fit the age range perfectly! I personally felt as though my daughter thoroughly enjoyed the subscription and it allowed us to talk one on one about the sensitive subject of self-love without me sounding corny lol.

What do you think about the Loving Yourself First-Now box?


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