(New) Funsavergifts Subscriptions Box September 2015 Review!

Funsavergifts Subscriptions (FSG Subscriptions)

Cost: $20 a month

Ships : Free Shipping – US Only

What is Funsavergifts ?

Funsavergifts Subscriptions provide subscribers with closeout items based on your individual preferences. Currently, products included are from companies like Avon, mark., and e.l.f. Each box may include various products tailored to your subscription interests, such as:  bath and beauty products, jewelry, perfume, nail polish, books and more.

I received my  Funsavergifts Subscription courtesy of Funsavergifts for the purpose of this review. Let’s take a peek at what’s included.
 The contents of your subscription is sent in a traditional Flat Rate Box. Your gifts are individually wrapped, packed with tissue paper, and cosmetics and bath and body products are taped in order to secure the items during transportation! Each subscription will include a letter describing the contents, the full retail costs, company promotions/offers, complimentary gifts, and even details on the nature of the closeout; such as if the color is limited or the product is no longer sold anymore! Love the detail!
Avon Wash-Off Waterproof Mascara (Retail $8.00) Found on Amazon for $6.95,

Avon Cosmic Eyeshadow in Blackened Night (Retail Price $8.00) Found on Amazon for $6,

E.l.f. Essential Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Bark(Retail Price $1.00) Found same shade at Amazon for $4.90

e.l.f. Essential Lipstick in Voodoo(Retail Price $1.00) Found same shade at Amazon for $4.94

I like that they included the details of the retail price, but I noticed that many of these items could be found cheaper from places like Amazon. The exception is the shade, which for the two elf products were sold 4 times as much through Amazon since the colors seem to be discontinued or renamed.

Avon Skin So Soft Aroma + Therapy Energizing Body Gel Crème (Retail Price $8.00) Avon has on sale for $2.49

Avon Mark Moon Chill Hand Cream (Retail Price $6.00) No longer on sale, but found a bundle for $39.99 thru Amazon


e.l.f Essential Nail File (Retail Price $1.00)

The Skin So Soft smells alluring with its tangerine-like scent! I love all citrus scent so don’t take my word for it if you are not a fan of citrus. The Mark Hand Cream smells divine with notes of blueberry! And the file will serve it’s purpose, but what I really like is the pattern which is no longer available anymore!



Complimentary Gifts

Tote Bag (Retail Price $.99) & PINK not just a pretty color tissue pack (Retail Price $.75)

These items were included as a bonus to the subscription box!

Based on the figures FSG averages the total Retail Price at $34.74. Which considering the FSG Subscription Box monthly price is $20.00 with free shipping you are essentially saving $14.74! That is not including shipping and handling costs, applicable tax, etc! Woo hoo! If you are a makeup or product hoarder like me, then you will love the value you get in FSG; plus the bragging rights that come along with people not being able to get what you have!

What do you think about Funsavergifts?


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