(New) Gummy Munchies (Candy Subscription) September 2015 Subscription Box Review!

 Gummy Munchies

Choose from the:

  • Small Jar of Gummy Munchies (starting at $6.26 monthly)

  • Mini bag (starting at 5.39 monthly) or Mini box (starting at $9.86 monthly).

  • Jr Bag (starting at $8.06 monthly) or Jr Box (starting at $11.66 monthly).

  • Jar of Gummy Munchies (starting at $9.89 monthly) or Box of Gummy Munchies (starting at $16.16 monthly).

Coupon: Save 25% off any subscription purchase with code SUBMUNCHIES

Ships: Ships Worldwide: Free Shipping on all Monthly Plans and ships on the 10th of every month!

Check out their Annual and Quarterly Subscriptions also!

The ‘Original Bag of Gummies‘ includes 1lb (16oz) of gummies whether you pick and mix your own custom variety or you would like a sweet surprise. The ‘Box of Munchies‘ contains (1) original bag of Gummy Munchies of your preference (a lil’ of EVERYTHING, Sour Hour, Juicy & Fruity, etc.) PLUS (1) Jar of Gummy Munchies containing an assortment of deliciously yummy gummies!

Here is how to get started:


I had the pleasure of receiving the Box of Gummy Munchies which starts at $16.16 monthly free for the purpose of this review. Here is the review for the Box of Gummy Munchieswhich is one of the Large sized options offered!
 Inside the box is a quirky fake nutritional card, to make your glutenous experience more enjoyable….lol. But don’t fret because the real info is on their website!  Box of Gummy Munchies (1 bag and 1 jar) $16.16 monthly

Inside the box was a pretty good sized 1lb bag of assorted gummies, from Sour Hour, Juicy to Fruity. There was sour gummy worms, regular gummy worms, Gummy sharks, peach rings and the list goes on! PLUS when you get the Box of Gummy Munchies you also get a Jar of Gummy Munchies containing an assortment of more delicious gummies! I loved the fun theme to the jar, which included Egg shaped gummies and Chicken Feet!
 Inside the box was a little added extra which was composed of a few individually wrapped selections! My daughter’s favorite was the chocolate covered gummies, which she asks for daily now! My son…. well, if it is gummy related then he loves it!

The themed candies always cause such a stir in the house! It is so bad now, that if a box comes they are trying to decipher the label to see if it’s something edible (really sucks for the Mailman…lol)! What kid in the world would say no to a box full of Gummies? The handpick tastes and experiences you receive is immeasurable! I love the themes which seem to take the subscriber on a journey to a magical Gummy island full of edible creatures!

What do you think about Gummy Munchies?


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