Birchbox October 2015 Subscription Box 50% Off Coupon, Sample Choice Available Now, and Sneak Peek!


Coupon: use code 5BOX save 50% (which makes you box only $5 for the First Month!!!) off your first month of the original $10 Birchbox Subscription (Expires October 9th)!

Cost: $10 per month and earn points for reviews to use in the Birchbox Shop and/or Upgrade to $20 more for two Full Size Products each month!

What is Birchbox

Subscribers will receive up to 5 samples that they can try before they buy! Each product review is worth 10 points per review, which is $5 you can use in the Birchbox Shop! It’s like getting you first month free!!!!

Reminder: After your First Month’s box, your next subscription will be billed at the normal $10 rate (with the exception if you Upgrade to the Full Size Product Beta Plan which is $20+ extra).

Now for some Fun!!!!

The emails are being sent out now for Sample Choice for Birchbox Aces and those who referred a friend to Birchbox!

What is Sample Choice?

Sample Choice has been around for a while now, which allows you to choose one of your samples or select the guest/special curated box. If you’d rather not choose a sample, then they will still curate a box for you based on your beauty profile.

Birchbox Aces (those who have earned at least 500 points within a year) automatically get early access to sample choice, which the email to pick your selections will be a day before everyone else! For October, ACES and those that referred at least 1 member started to receive our October 2015  sample choice email today (1 day before other members)! Why is this important? Duhhhhh…. selection availability!


For the October (2015), subscribers can select one of TWO Guest Editor Boxes:

bb0 bb1 bb2 bb


I like what they are doing this month!

What will you choose?

A word to the wise: As soon as you receive the email immediately log-in and select you Sample Choice… otherwise, it will be gone before you can select!

What do you think about the Birchbox Subscription Box sample choice this month?


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