Golden Tote October 2015 Fall Line Launch Date and Sneak Peek!


Golden Tote Sneak Peek

Cost: Choose between the $49 or $149 tote. Check out my past review for more information about Golden Tote!

October 2015 GT options will be available 10/5/15 @ 9 am PDT!

All GT launches are around the first Monday of each month.

What is Golden Tote?

Golden Tote offers a mystery clothing subscription, where you are able to select the first one or two items in your bag (you guy to be quick on the launch date because the sizes sell out fast) and they will add in the additional clothing options as a surprise. In the $49 option you select one item and GT will select one or possibly two other items for your mystery bag. In the $149 option, you are able to pick 2 items an then GT will provide you with up to five additional items (a total of up to 7 items!!!)

Sneak Peek:

unnamed (2) unnamed (3) unnamed (4) unnamed (5) gt

Here are just a few of the many Options that are available for the October Fall 2015 Launch! I have my targets set and hope I am one of the few that get what I want! You have to act fast, because selections are limited!


What do you think about Golden Tote? What selections are you aiming for?


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