Loving Yourself First-Now (LYFnow Young Women’s Age 14+) October 2015 Subscription box Sneak Peek and Coupon!


Loving Yourself First-Now box

October 2015 Sneak Peek!

Cost: Choose a $29 (1 month), $84 (3 month), $165 (6 month), or $320 (12 month) subscription!

Coupon: Get 10% off all subscriptions with code LYFNOW

Ships: Free Shipping

What is Loving Yourself First-Now box?

The Loving Yourself First-Now box is a support system of sorts for young women subscribers age 14+ ! Each month subscribers will receive 4-6 hand picked, fun, and friendly reminders to Love Yourself First!

First, I have to say this box touched me! I was contacted by a wonderful single mother of two children, who has worked in the field of education as a school psychologist for the past 21 years! I’m not usually such a sap, but I found many commonalities between her and I. Such as raising two kids by ourselves, full time careers in Education, and our love for psychology. When I was offered a chance to review this subscription (courtesy of LYFNow) I immediately jumped on the review bandwagon and had to see this subscription in action for myself!

If you missed Last Month’s Box click here to take a peek!

As a parent of a tween daughter (she is almost 12 — the subscription suggests this is best for ages 14+) I was able to use her as my test subject to see her initial reactions and how she felt about receiving this type of box each month.

For the month of October Subscriber’s will receive the Fall Into You Theme which includes the scarf pictured above in 1 of 4 colors!


What do you think about the Loving Yourself First-Now box?


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