Hatchery Subscription Box September 2015 Tasting Box Review and 50% off Coupon!



Cost: $20 per month (free shipping)

Coupon:  Use code SAVE10 to save $10 off your first month. (expires?) First MONTH FOR only $10!

Ships: Free Shipping!


The Hatchery TASTING BOX SUBSCRIPTION focuses on artisan cooking ingredients across the country! The incredible flavors that will come out of this box will indeed be a crowd-pleaser! Offering delectable finds from Napa’s vineyards to Chattanooga’s farms, to Brooklyn’s mom and pop shops each month you will receive a delivery of curated, sample-size artisan ingredients and condiments to your doorstep every month. Only $20 monthly (free shipping) for 5-6 hand selected artisan ingredients!

I received September’s Tasting Box Courtesy of Hatchery! Let’s take a peek to see what we received this month!


When your tasting box arrives it is full of individually wrapped tasty treats!


The Tasting Guide is included to bring the artisans/makers of the included samples to life! I love getting a real feel for the artisan, which let’s me appreciate the hardwork and dedication of each and every brand! The guide also establishes the potential uses of the ingredient, recipes, and full size product costs!



What’s Included:

  • Whole Spice Granulated Honey
  • Glossop’s Hibiscus Ginger Syrup
  • Olivelle Pasta Rocks

The honey is perfect for work! It allows you to add just enough into coffee, tea, or recipes without the sticky mess!

The Glossop’s sample is pretty generous and allows you to make unique drinks!

The Pasta Rocks is ingenious! Man I wish I invented this! The idea behind it is a solid form drop in, in contrast to adding salt by hand measurements or other measuring devices for cooking pasta!


What else is Included:

  • East Shore Specialty Foods Dipping Fudge
  • Rock The Roll Ginger Sesame Barbecue Sauce

The fudge has only the best of the best as far as ingredients and has the taste that matches its unique attributes!

The barbecue sauce is amazing! This was the perfect amount for around two big chicken breast’s for my daughter and I and I still had plenty on reserve for dipping! The taste is phenomenal with a ginger and toasted sesame seed asian twist to American Barbecue!


If you enjoy unique sample-sized artisan ingredients and condiments or you just plain love to taste new things every month… this box is what you have been waiting for!

I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed the flavors included! Prior to my experience I avoided trying the subscription because I never understood why people would subscribe to a box of ingredients! NOW…. I sooooo get it! The flavor’s awaken your palette and offer a sense of selection to the boring old flavors we cook with on our busy day to day work week meals! Love it!

Have you ordered your  Hatchery yet? How did you like it?

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