Bespoke Post November 2015 Selection Time with Lot’s of New Box Options and 30% off Coupon!


Bespoke Post Box

Cost: $45

Coupon: use code RESCUE” to save 30% off your first box (expires?)!

What is Bespoke Post?

We scour the world for time-tested, small-batch, or otherwise remarkable gear. Check out our theme-driven boxeschoice products, and the stories behind it all. Each month we release a themed, limited-edition collection of products. Subscribe or just pick up one.

On the 1st of every month, Bespoke will e-mail you to announce your latest box choices. You can skip, Opt out by the 5th of the month, Cancel, or even automatically ship!

I love Bespoke Post’s Ingenuity on their theme-driven boxes, product choices and even the stories behind each item! The quality of each item has left me highly satisfied without a doubt in my mind that I made a great choice in my selection!

Check out my past review here!

The newest Bespoke Post boxes are:



Whats Included:

  • Lambskin Leather Touchscreen Gloves Gilded Age
  • Wild Harvested White Pine Hand Salve, 2oz Barnaby Black
  • Original Extra Strength Lozenges Fisherman’s Friend


The Butcher

Whats Included:

  • Edge-Grain Butcher Block, (L)12″ x (W)14″ x (D)1″Brooklyn Butcher Blocks
  • YOUR CHOICE OF:Soppressata Handcrafted Salami, 5oz Creminelli Fine Meats or “Bacon” Pickles (Vegetarian), 16oz Unbound Pickling
  • Pickled Mustard Seeds, 2oz Ft. Greene Farms
  • Charred Sriracha Sauce, 2oz Ft. Greene Farms
  • Honey Sticks, Set of Three Bee Local
  • “Camp” Drinking Chocolate, 1.4oz Treehouse Chocolate Co.



Whats Included:

  • Trapper Knife, Heritage Walnut Bear & Son Cutlery
  • Classic Lighter, Street Chrome Zippo
  • P-38 Can Opener US Shelby Co. by Maratac

Don’t like these options? Check out More Box options here!

I think I might get The Butcher this month! The quality of this block is outstanding and backed with a warranty! I have been doing a lot of holiday preparing and this will be perfect!

What do you think about Bespoke Post?

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