(New) RawSpiceBar November 2015 ETHIOPIAN SPICE BOX Review!






Cost: $6 per month; $36 every 6 months; or $36 yearly

What is RawSpiceBar?

RawSpiceBar is a subscription box featuring the best and most flavorful blends from around the world! It seems to be featured in various other subscription services like Hampton’s Lane’s Recent Tart’s and Pies Box Reviewed Here! RawSpiceBar delivers the most flavorful, freshly ground spice blends from around the world!

Each Month Subscribers may receive:

  • 3 freshly ground spices & blends with a new regional theme

  • Kitchen-tested recipes for cooking 3 global dishes serving 4-6

  • Spice stories & culinary history of each new region

  • Surprises like bonus spices, toasting tips, discounts and other fun stuff

I received Novembers RawSpiceBar this Month on behalf of RawSpiceBar for the purpose of this review! Let’s take a peek at what’s included!
 3 freshly ground spices in: Pumpkin Pie Spice, Ethiopian Mitmita, Berbere & Recipes for 3  dishes and spice stories  of each new spice!

It is so exciting trying new spices! The blends, aromas, and tastes set my tongue on a whirlwind of excitement! The theme for November is Ethiopian Spice!

The pumpkin pie  spice is a blend of  cinnamon, ginger, allspice, nutmeg, cloves, mace, star anise, and a few others. The included recipe card made me try this recipe… bye bye low carb diet 😦    but  HELLO HAPPY TUMMY!

The history on these spices give each subscriber a truly unique feel, for instance did you know:

Berbere is a trademark  spice of authentic Ethiopian dishes!!!!! I had no clue, but after receiving this box I feel immersed in the culture already! The cold season is up[on me and I can’t wait to have me some lentils or stews made with this exotic spice! Don’t worry if you have no idea what to do with these spices because RawSpiceBar has you covered… just take a peek at their site for additional recipes and suggestions (if the included recipe card doesn’t meet your fancy)!
 (continued) Pumpkin Pie Spice, Ethiopian Mitmita, & Berbere Spices

The spices come in a small index card like envelope so you can rest assured that every spice is freshly delivered!

This month RawSpiceBar partnered with Asante Mama,

a Ugandan based innovative farming business that has helped to lift over 5,000 rural women out of poverty through farming. We’ve included their African bird’s eye chili peppers in this month’s mitmita spice blend. Please be sure to check out their awesome story.

Love the background and cultural experience hidden within these tiny flavorful pouches of goodness!

What do you think about RawSpiceBar?

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