Nerd Block: The Force Awakens! 2 Days Left to Order!!

Nerd Block: The Force Awakens! 2 Days Left to Order!!

12 0915 NB FB v2 StarWars

 NERD Block

Cost: $19.99 plus shipping (Shipping is $9.50 to $12.50)

What is  NERD Block ?

The Canadian company, originally established Nerd Block to nurture your inner geek and/or gamer. They also have expanded their offerings to include Arcade Block that is just for gamers and it comes with an exclusive t-shirt made for Arcade Block and collectibles! The best thing is that the subscription box ships Worldwide! I love that Nerd Block carries youth sizes for their shirts and you get a shirt every month!

December Classic Block Theme:

Star Wars takes over Nerd Block Classic this December as we catch Force fever with the upcoming release of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens!

Subscribers can expect a bounty of surprises celebrating the Star Wars saga from classic to present!

We’ve shared our love of Star Wars with subscribers in the past, but we’ve never put this many items from the saga in a single block before!

From classic to present, Nerd Block Classic will help subscribers feel the Force and celebrate the arrival of the newest chapter in the saga!

This Star Wars celebration INCLUDES a Funko POP! Vinyl figure and one of the coolest shirts we’ve ever printed.

And remember, all Nerd Block Classic subscribers are automatically entered to win Monster Block, and here’s what’s up for grabs this month!

NB FB MonsterBlock 1200x628 v3 December

This month’s Monster Block has all your holiday gift gaming desires.

One lucky Nerd Block Classic subscriber will win:

▪ Xbox One Console
▪ Rise of the Tomb Raider Game
▪ Fallout 4 Game
▪ Star Wars: Battlefront Game
▪ Halo 5 Game

We’re also giving away an additional prize to one lucky Nerd Block Classic subscriber!


One additional subscriber will win a secondary prize of these 4 amazing ornaments (Pokeball, Moon from Legend of Zelda, Serenity ship from Firefly and Majora’s Mask) from Wired Life!

Click here to review previous Nerd Block subscription boxes to see if you are interested in the original Nerd Block  or the new Nerd Block Junior (no shirt).

What do you think about Nerd Block?


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