Warning: 21+ years of age to continue – Flaviar Tasting Box (Spirits) Subscription Box Full Product Review and New Subscriber Coupon!



Warning: You  must be 21 years of age or older to continue!

Cost based on Membership Type:

Option 1: FREE MEMBERSHIP!!! Get the perks of the Flaviar community for  free and start exploring, includes:
· Advance  Notice on Exclusive bottle deals

· Enjoy the Database of 15,000 bottle profiles with ratings & reviews

· Learn with School of Spirits

· Flaviar app with Flavour Spiral

Option 2: $24.99 per Tasting Box with the PRIME MEMBERSHIP includes:

· 3 Fine Spirits (3 tasting shots each 45ml/1.5oz) – $24.99 per Tasting Box

Option 3: One-Time Box (Tasting Box non-subscription)  as low as $42.99

  • Availability varies but enjoy the selection of one-time boxes without any strings attached!
  • Includes 5 Fine Spirits (5 tasting shots each 45ml/1.5oz)

It could cost you over $326, if you had to buy the spirits and taste them from full-size bottles. For $44.99 you receive five 45ml bottles!

Ships: Tasting Boxes always ship free* & Prime Members get FREE shipping* to all European Union (EU) countries and the United States

*exceptions include not being able to ship to: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Delaware, Hawaii, Iowa, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Montana, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, PO Boxes and APO addresses.

Coupon: Get your first tasting box membership box for $18.99 ($6 savings) click here!

What is Flaviar?

Each month members will receive three premium flavours (Whisky, Rum, Cognac, Gin, Vodka, Grappa, Tequila,…) hand selected by experts and industry professionals for you to tantalize your taste  buds with! The exciting new Tasting Box also offers a Prime Membership where members get free shipping on bottles! Don’t forget that you can skip, swap or cancel 1 week before shipping!

Curious about some of the big name brands you’ll have the pleasure of tasting?



I received this month’s Whisky Festivity Tasting Box courtesy of Flaviar for the purpose of this review!

 Inside their signature black packaging (pictured above) is an index size welcome card welcoming you to the flavor experience. Also there is a wealth of knowledge included in the packets included in the box, but even more so accessible on their site and new App!


Included in the Whisky Festivity Tasting  Box is a slick mix of 5 Single-malt Scottish delights!



The free membership will also let you access items on their site such as their fully loaded flavour maps, which for this Scottish fan favorite collection includes ratings of light-rich and delicate-smoky delicacy! This is awesome if you are a bit of a novice to the art of drinking and pouring! Even if you are a professional enthusiast of the Spirits then you can easily compare between your preferred brands  and those better suited for your tasting palette, such as those smoky, rich and full-bodied!


 Whisky Festivity Tasting Box $44.99

The packaging of this one-time thrill ride is immaculate! With the bold branding and reprinted labels with trademark red ribbon coverings, the thrill is immediate and intense before you even pop the top!

Not a whisky drinker? Well check out a few of these available tasting boxes:

tastingbox1 tastingbox2

Overall, the tasting box was well dressed, smooth, and perfectly finished! For a gift, this would lighten up any enthusiast or curious taster! As an bartender (yes, women of many trades and hobbies), I agree with Flaviar, the risk of investment in the full product would be extremely costly for each individual bottles and there are not always tasting shots available at every liquor store for what you are looking for (plus its really time consuming looking for miniatures).

The nostalgia behind the subscription service is definitely aiming members to experience not only the convenience aspect, but the community and knowledge base! The difference between the prime membership and one-time boxes is clear. If you don’t want to be bothered by the skip or ship options or even having to cancel then the price of two extra shots at $20 extra makes perfect sense!

However, if looking at affordability the prime membership is way more alluring with its flexible monthly subscription options and low monthly fee. As with many luxury subscriptions, the experience you get depends on the user. In the case of this particular subscription and based on this users applicability of using the said product then I have to admit I’m a definite fan!

What do you think about Flaviar?


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