Walmart Winter 2015 Box Subscription Box Review!

Walmart Beauty Box

Cost: Only pay for shipping & handling, which is always a flat $5 fee! Every Quarter (Season) it ships!

What is Walmart Beauty Box?

Each new season receive different products in your Walmart Beauty Box! You’ll find sample beauty products and tips on how to use those and other items sold at Walmart and on just for $5 per season!

New Customers can still reserve the Spring 2016 Box ahead of time by going to Walmart Beauty Box?  Winter shipped the last week of November! Let’s take a peek at some of the items included.

 What’s included?

  • Burt’s Bee’s Renewal (1 sample)
  • Pantene Hairspray (travel size)
  • Pure Silk Shave Cream (travel size)

Last month we received razors and now shave cream. I’m not a fan of travel hairspray since I rarely use it, but I’ll find some use for it. Weird fact, did you know that you can use hairspray for odd jobs around the house and for art projects. I use to do a lot of pastel drawings and you can use oil free hairspray as a sealer to set your artwork and keep it from budging!
 What else is included?

  • nspa exotically Creamy Coconut Body Butter (1.7 fl oz)
  • and various foil packets

The foil packets they could have kept, but I will still end up using them eventually.
 Loreal TrueMatch color wheel and coupons.

This was kind of cool to receive. It allows you to match existing shades or debate on changing shades… however, the App is better!

This month was aweful! As far as value goes though, I must say that the total value was an all time low! But I still enjoyed the samples so it wasn’t a total loss!

What did you think about the Walmart Beauty Box?


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