Smiley360 Product Review Community and NEW Centrum® MultiGummies Multivitamins December 2015 Free Product Review!


Cost: Free (even free shipping)

 What is Smiley360?

Fill out your profile and wait for survey’s to see if you qualify for one of their Free Samples! Once you qualify then check your mail.  Once you’ve tried, tasted or touched the products, leave your feedback and share your experience on the Smiley360 website. I like Smiley360 because I am not fighting anyone to redeem my sample, like other sites. Also a majority of the time these are Full Sized products you are testing!

This Month I was selected to review NEW Centrum® MultiGummies Multivitamins for FREE courtesy of Smiley360 !

Smiley Kit contained:

One full-size 70-count bottle of NEW Centrum® MultiGummies Multivitamins

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Let’s take a look at the kit I received for free courtesy of Smiley360 and Centrum® MultiGummies Multivitamins for the purpose of this review!

 Included in the kit is a discovery card, which describes the Smiley360 Mission and information about the brand. 

Full-size 70-count bottle of NEW Centrum® MultiGummies Multivitamins

I have tried various gummy vitamins and have had a pretty good experience, but this is a first from this particular brand for me!
 The flavors come in Cherry, Berry, and Orange and of course are molded into the gummy shape to look like such! 

These are a little chewier than I prefer, but I like that it includes more Vitamins than other brands I have tried and it only requires you to take two a day!

In the end, the experience gained with trying new products (for free) allows me a way to try out new products with just a little time and a tiny bit of effort!

What do you think about  Smiley360?

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