Bespoke Post: January’s Box of Awesome – Alchemy!!

Bespoke Post: January’s Box of Awesome – Alchemy!!


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On the 1st of every month, Bespoke will e-mail you to announce your latest box choices. You can skip (Opt out by the 5th normally)  the month, Cancel, or even automatically ship! I love Bespoke Post’s Ingenuity on their theme-driven boxes, product choices and even the stories behind each item! The quality of each item has left me highly satisfied without a doubt in my mind that I made a great choice in my selection!

Alchemy is one of the featured boxes of the Month:

Stock your home bar with pro-level cocktail wares

Boston Shaker ($8.95)

Cocktail Kingdom

Though the origin of the name is unknown, this type of shaker has been around since the printing of the first known cocktail book in 1862. One part mixing glass and one part stainless steel tin, the Boston Shaker lets you see what you’re shaking up. The two parts fit over each other perfectly and are ready to be “shaken, not stirred” … unless, of course, you’re making a drink that requires stirring. In that case, set the tin aside and use the mixing glass to swirl your ingredients together.

Pro Tip: Stir drinks that are mostly booze, and shake anything with juice or dairy. For the full guide, head here.


Barspoon with Muddler, 30 cm ($18.95)

Cocktail Kingdom

A barspoon that’s both functional and great looking is hard to find. Perfectly balanced with a flat top, it slides effortlessly around the side of the glass, and the bottom can also be used to muddle drinks. Made from stainless steel, the swirled handle helps you grip the tool so it won’t slip when you’re making up even your most delicate drinks.


Japanese-style Jigger, 1 oz / 2 oz ($9.95)

Cocktail Kingdom

An essential tool for any cocktail creator, whether you’re behind a speakeasy bar or just crafting something at home. The measured pours from this stainless steel jigger let you build your drink with extra precision, so that all of your flavors come together just so. If you’re looking to add less than a whole ounce, the inside of the jigger has extra markings to note smaller increments.


Hawthorne Strainer ($18.95)

Cocktail Kingdom

This piece of barware sports a classic design that easily catches ice and covers all different types of mixing tins. When you’re looking to skip the Rum & Coke and make something a little more presentational, this is a strainer that’ll help you keep your drink free of everything but the garnish.


2″ Square Ice Cube Tray ($8.50)

Cocktail Kingdom

The larger the ice cube, the slower it’ll melt, keeping your cocktail cold without watering it down too quickly. Not to mention that your drinks will look like they’re straight out of a speakeasy.


Cocktail Cherries, 2 oz: Great Lakes Edition ($18.00)

Mess Hall Cocktail Co.

Tart Balaton cherries from local Midwestern farmers are infused with bourbon, then soaked in a syrup of spices and raw demerara sugar, for a nuanced and thoroughly grown-up take on the cocktail classic. We don’t recommend eating them straight from the jar, but sometimes a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.


This is a great value! While you can find most of these items on amazon. You’re still saving almost $40 and that’s before you factor in Tax and Shipping! Alchemy definitely might be a good addition to my home bar!

What do you think about this featured January Box from Bespoke Post?

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