Fabletics: Free Water Bottle This Weekend Only!!

Fabletics: Free Water Bottle This Weekend Only!!

Score a Free Water Bottle

FL2 (Men’s) & Fabletics (Women’s)


Cost: $39.95 and up

  • Coupon: Save 50% on your First order, and even a 20% savings after becoming a VIP Member by clicking here!
  • Free Water Bottle with purchase of $29.50 or more. No code needed

What is Fabletics & FL2

Complete outfits for VIP Members start at only $49.95, a savings of up to 40%. You can buy the outfits you love or skip the month altogether. There’s never any obligation to buy.

Though our VIP Member pricing is not available to regular members, they’ll still enjoy exceptional quality and value compared to competing premium brands and can shop anytime. Shipping on orders over $49.95 is always free, and returns are easy too!

The First of the Month Selections are now available! Fabletics & FL2 (NEW MEN’s Line) allows VIP’s to get a whole outfit for just $49.95 or more! Not sure if this months ShowRoom expresses your style, well you can easily skip this months selections or if you are enthralled with the available choices then select your options and checkout!

A Few January 2016 Offerings:

NEW FL2 Mens Line Selections:


mens3 mens2 mens1


fab7 fab6 fab5 fab3 fab2 fab1

The value is extraordinary! Let’s face it, workout clothes are expensive! Especially the good quality brands. The cheapest I can find around here is $25 per item for good quality active wear.  Fabletics allows you to get a whole outfit for just $49.95 (actually, once you become a VIP member you save 20% off that price… after your 50% savings). Now with FL2, the men’s line that is super affordable, guys can finally get in on the savings too!

Don’t forget to add your water bottle!!

What do you like about Fabletics and FL2?


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