Teatulía: Steep in 2016!! Plus 25% Off!

Teatulía: Steep in 2016!! Plus 25% Off!


Cost: Starting at $8.99 per your chosen shipment frequency. Choose your items in the Auto Ship Tea section. Have them sent every 30, 45 or 60 days. Promo codes do not apply. Cancel anytime.


  • 25% off everything with promo code NewYear2016 (Valid Through 1/11/16) Excludes Tea of the Month
  • Free Shipping on orders over $49

What is Teatulía?

For many tea lovers, choosing the right tea helps maintain a healthy lifestyle and a healthy environment. And for Teatulia, that means providing a range of organic tea to satisfy the palates of tea fans everywhere – it also means that our organic black tea and green tea is grown and cultivated in a way that respects the land on which it’s grown, the community of workers who produce it and the people who drink it.

We grow all of our teas in our single USDA-certified organic garden in northern Bangladesh, and at nearly 2,000 acres, we own one of the largest organic tea gardens in the world! Like a fine estate wine, single garden organic teas ensure a purity, accountability and freshness factor that benefits from perfect growing conditions: The soil is developed with the use of organic cover crops and mulching, while the growing area is irrigated by rainwater. This all means we sell some of the best tasting tea in the world.

And from growing to packaging, Teatulia gives tea lovers only the best and most responsibly cultivated product; the canisters are completely compostable, while the labels are made of recycled post-consumer paper. When you choose Teatulia, you’re choosing teas that nourish the body as well as the environment.

Teatulia’s mission began with a commitment to the Bangladeshi men and women who help cultivate our teas. And as a result of that commitment, we offer you the best organic teas in the world. Be a part of our mission – and drink well.

What do you think about Teatulía?


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