Nerd Block: A World of Magic! 4 Days Left to Order!!

Nerd Block: A World of Magic! 4 Days Left to Order!!

NB FB 1200x628 v3 HarryPotter

 NERD Block

Cost: $19.99 plus shipping (Shipping is $9.50 to $12.50)

What is  NERD Block ?

The Canadian company, originally established Nerd Block to nurture your inner geek and/or gamer. They also have expanded their offerings to include Arcade Block that is just for gamers and it comes with an exclusive t-shirt made for Arcade Block and collectibles! The best thing is that the subscription box ships Worldwide! I love that Nerd Block carries youth sizes for their shirts and you get a shirt every month!

January Classic Block Theme:

Have you ever fantasized about visiting a world of magic?

Nerd Block Classic has you covered this January, offering multiple delights from the world of Harry Potter that will be making magical stops at doors around the world very soon!

Don’t miss out on an adventure as we share our love of classic tales from franchises that continue to inspire and delight!

Subscribers will also be taken to the Seven Kingdoms and feel like royalty with a great treat for Game of Thrones fans, and we’ll also be reminding subscribers of timeless stories, with items that give nostalgic nods to The Lord of the Rings and The Neverending Story!

You don’t need a special ticket to catch this fantastic ride in January – only a subscription to January’s Nerd Block Classic!

With only 4 days remaining to book your trip, what are you waiting for?

Don’t Forget…


Click here to review previous Nerd Block subscription boxes to see if you are interested in the original Nerd Block  or the new Nerd Block Junior (no shirt).

What do you think about Nerd Block?


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