PinchMe November 2015 Free Sample Review

PinchMe November 2015 Free Sample Review

Pinch Me

Cost: Free (even free shipping)

 What is Pinch Me?

It’s simple – choose a product and then check your mail. But be quick, products are limited. Once you’ve tried, tasted or touched the products, leave your feedback on the pinchme website. Samples go super fast (duh….because it’s free) so the early bird will definitely get the worm!

Sample Day is around the second Tuesday every month!!!!

What I received free from Pinch Me:

  • Purina Beyond Grain  Free White Meat Chicken & Egg Recipe (6 oz)
  • Pop Works Cookies and Cream Popcorn (.65 oz)
  • Breathe Right nasal strip (qty 2 strips)

I am a constant scout of all things free, so finding Pinchme sends out freebies every month was a super sweet deal! Best part is that they have revamped and now there is no more fighting for samples, but sometimes this could lead to your profile not being selected for upcoming samples 😦

Considering I received all of these samples for free and without any hassle, I would say this is a must for anyone who loves getting or trying new stuff!


Have you tried Pinch Me yet? How did you like it?


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