Arcade Block: Get Over Here! … And Check Out What’s Hitting January’s Arcade Block!

Arcade Block: Get Over Here! … And Check Out What’s Hitting January’s Arcade Block!

12 1115 NB Ann 3in1 Janauary

 Nerd Block presents: Arcade Block

Cost: $19.99 plus shipping (Shipping is $9.50 to $12.50)

What is  NERD Block ?

The Canadian company, originally established Nerd Block to nurture your inner geek and/or gamer. The best thing is that the subscription box ships Worldwide! I love that Nerd Block carries youth sizes for their shirts and you get a shirt every month! Arcade Block has 4-6 video game collectibles and an exclusive gamer t-shirt that is put into each monthly box!

January’s Arcade Block…

A storm is approaching this January as two titans of the fighting game genre battle for space inside Arcade Block!

Prepare for the ultimate fight as we unleash a killer combo with an EXCLUSIVE bone-crushing item from Mortal Kombat and follow up with the powerful Hadoken of a Street Fighter V surprise!

And if you’re still hungry for more, we’re delivering fresh treats for Nintendo fans!

Subscribers will find special surprises from Metroid and Super Mario Bros., and discover a Pokémon item that might just encourage you to try to catch ’em all!

January is the perfect month to bring home the greatest gaming franchises with a subscription to Arcade Block!

Don’t miss the chance to have all this, and a Portal themed surprise, delivered to your door this month!

Don’t Forget!!! Every Arcade Block subscriber is eligible to win January’s Big Boss Block!

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One lucky Arcade Block subscriber will go home with:

  • Xbox One Console
  • Transformers: Devastation for Xbox One
  • Fallout 4 for Xbox One
  • Halo Fall of Reach Blu-Ray

When you’re a subscriber to Arcade Block, you’re automatically entered!

Don’t miss your chance, subscribe today!

What do you think of Nerd Block’s Arcade Block?


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