Loot Crate: January 2016 Review and Coupon!

Loot Crate: January 2016 Review and Coupon!


Loot Crate

Cost: $13.37 plus $6 S&H

Coupon: Save $3 off your first Loot Crate Box with coupon code NEWS3

What is Loot Crate?

Is a theme packed box of 6 to 8 handpicked items every month. Items such as Zombie themed T-Shirts, Simpson’s merchandise, Ninja Turtles, and even good old Ren and Stimpy have graced the stage of Loot Crate.

This Month’s theme is INVASION which focuses on Sci-Fi extra-terrestrial loaded Franchises such as The X-Files, Alien and The Fifth Element.

Bottomline Review:

After hearing about Loot Crate for the past couple of years on various Podcasts, such as The Nerdist Podcast, Steve Austin Show and Talk is Jericho, and a few other life changes in 2015, The Subscriptionist presented me with an opportunity to give Loot Crate a try; and I took it. So without further ado, here is my review for the INVASION Loot Crate.

Let’s take a peek at the contents of the INVASION Themed Crate! LootCrateInvasionBoxOpen

The first thing that you see when you open this crate is part of the design of the reversible crate along with the T-shirt.

LootCrateInvasionXFilesTPrint   LootCrateInvasionXFilesLEDFlashlight

X-Files: The Day Has Come T-Shirt – ($20.00)

X-Files LED Flashlight – (est. price coming soon)

The T-shirt has an amazing print of Scully and Mulder running through the woods with aliens seemingly in pursuit! The fit is great! Not too tight, but I’m not swimming in it either and the fabric feels fantastic! The flashlight is a nice added bonus to this Crate and unlike most gizmos and gadgets these days, batteries are included.


Alien Facehugger Plush ($19.99+)

Anyone familiar with Alien would recognize this little guy as that “facehugger” thing that deposits the young xenomorph into its host where it can grow and eventually make its fatal emergence into the world.

LootCrateInvasionSpaceInvaderMiniAlien VinylFIgureAngle

Space Invaders Vinyl Figure – (est price coming soon)

Any old school gamer or classic gaming fan is familiar with Space Invaders. In the age of the popular vinyl figures, They’ve included a limited edition Mini Alien Figure in this Crate.


The Fifth Element Multi Pass – (est price coming soon)

Fans of the film, The Fifth Element will automatically recognize this! Loot Crate tossed in a prop replica Multi Pass!


“Invasion” Mini Art Prints – (est price coming soon)

For art fans, there’s not one, but two mini art prints included in this month’s Crate. One is a poster print from The War of the Worlds. The other is a print from The Day the Earth Stood Still. Both look fantastic and would look great hanging on a wall!

LootCrateInvasionPinFront   LootCrateInvasionPinBack

Loot Pin (est price coming soon)

Loot Crate has given their traditional theme pin an even bigger purpose! Follow the link to find out!

LootCrateInvasionCrate  LootCrateInvasionCrateInvertedFront  LootCrateInvasionCrateInvertedBack

Last but not Least…

The Crate! Returning Looters know what the crate itself does, but for the newcomers, The Crate isn’t just bestowed a fancy interior design. You can actually turn the Crate inside out to end up with a whole new design!

The value of this month’s Loot Crate was most likely over $100 taking into account that all of these items were made exclusively for this crate. Any quoted prices will come from second hand vendors once this Crate’s release is more widespread. This was a successful theme in my eyes. From the Multi Pass to the Facehugger to items from the recently resurrected X-Files I actually enjoyed many of the items for myself versus handing them off to the kids or gifting them!


You can view last month’s review here.


Did you get this month’s crate? What did you think? What do you think about Loot Crate?


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