Fortune Cookie Soap: 48hr Whipped Cream CYO Event starts TONIGHT!!

Fortune Cookie Soap: 48hr Whipped Cream CYO Event starts TONIGHT!!

Fortune Cookie Soap

Cost: $12.99


What is Fortune Cookie Soap?

Fortune Cookie Soap started from a passion for safe, unique, bath + body products by its founders and picked up serious steam when the owner of a chain of Bath and Body stores discovered and contracted them to make products for his stores. Driven by a diverse, creative team, who is willing to take on the challenge of translating any idea into a soap product, Fortune Cookie Soap sells their staple products as well as fulfilling custom orders with 100% satisfaction as their goal. All of the products are handmade in small batches, so if it doesn’t look exactly like the picture, don’t worry, you’re getting a top of the line product.

Whipped Cream CYO

Welcome to our most anticipated “Create Your Own” Event of the Year! plus *FREe shipping on orders over $75!

Now’s your chance to sneak in to the FCS factory and go all mad scientist! Starting at 6pm CST tonight, for the next 48 hoursyou are an official FCS mixmaster – apron and all! Please note, these will not sell out. Take your time, you’ll have until 6pm CST Sunday, to place your order.
Choose one of our tried and true blends or create your own custom masterpiece. The sky’s the limit!

In an effort to streamline the whole CYO process for everyone, we’ve changed it up a bit….here’s how it works now. 

  1. Add a CYO Whipped Cream to your shopping cart
  2. Use the drop down boxes to choose up to three scents, starting with the one you want to smell the most, and so on. If you only want one scent, you’ll need to choose the “No Scent” option for the second and third drop down boxes. If needed, feel free to give us additional information in the notes section when you check out.
  3. If you are naming a custom blend, you will have the option to write your custom blend name in the text box. (Please note, for multiple whipped creams, you’ll need to do steps 1-3 for each one)
It’s quite a process to make all these, so we wait until the promo is over and then make them all at once. If you order any other products along with your CYO, they will all ship together, once your CYO is complete. I’m really hoping this is a lot easier on everyone. As always with anything new, there’s bound to be some bugs. Don’t worry, if there’s a problem, we’ll fix it! Our goal is to streamline the whole CYO process for everyone.  🙂

What do you think about Fortune Cookie Soap?


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