Loot Crate: Best of 2015 Bundles! Batman, Star Wars, & More!

Loot CrateBest of 2015 Bundles! Batman, Star Wars, & More!

Level Up

Level Up

Loot Crate

Cost: Starting at $15.00 Free Shipping for First Box on US orders, $5 Shipping for additional boxes. (Limited Time While Supplies Laugh)

What is Loot Crate?

Is a theme packed box of 6 to 8 handpicked items every month. Some of their top franchises include: Star Wars, DC, Marvel, Nintendo and Pop Vinyl! In your box you could find items such as Zombie themed T-Shirts, Simpsons merchandise, Ninja Turtles, and even good old Ren and Stimpy. All of these and many more have graced the Loot Crate stage.

If you like getting new stuff, this is for you! Loot Crate is like getting a new gift each month, especially if you happen to forget that you’re signed up for it. Did you get something in your box that isn’t quite your cup of tea? Instant gift for someone else!

Speaking of gifts for someone else; Loot Crate also has gift subscriptions(Loot Crate Gifts). If Loot Crate isn’t for you, but you have friends or family who you know would love it, why not get a subscription for them!

Loot Crate Best of Bundle Sale

We’ve pulled together some of our most sought-after items into themed bundles of pure geek joy. Quantities are limited and the sale won’t last forever, so grab them while you can!

Best Of Bundle Sale

Entertainment Bundle

Entertainment Bundle – $15.00

Stay entertained with this bundle of games and gear specialized toward keeping busy and being geeky. Play with words with the Mad Libs Spy Book; go for an imaginary ride in the Exclusive Supernatural Impala Replica; and solve the secrets of science with the Exclusive Rick & Morty puzzle. Afterward, slip on your Call of Duty: Black Ops III texting gloves and contact your buddies for a roll of the Exclusive Rock Paper Scissors Dice and a round of Hearts with the Princess Bride Playing Cards. Then showcase your victory with the Inflatable Golden Crown.

Socks-Plosion Bundle

Socks-Plosion Bundles – $15.00

Bundle 1

This lively variety pack of super socks packs quite a punch, and features cheery Vault Boy crew socks, and creepy Zombie Corps socks–and those two are EXCLUSIVE designs you can’t find anywhere else! As a BONUS we are adding in sporty Captain America athletic socks, and futuristic Spider-Man 2099 crew socks. 

Bundle 2 

These dynamite styles will have people doing double-takes! This bundle includes stylishly villainous Reverse Flash socks and Skeletor crew socks. What a great way to bulk up your sock drawer! For this option we are giving BONUS pair of low-key Call of Duty: Black Ops III socks and joyful, EXCLUSIVE Dancing Groot socks.

Geek & Barrel Bundle

Geek & Barrel Bundle – $35.00

Transform your ordinary home into an extraordinarily geeky homebase with this bundle of household items showcasing your nerdy side. Give your mouse a rest on your Exclusive Call of Duty: Black Ops III mousepad, slip on your Breaking Bad Apron and whip up some rations. Pour a hot drink into your Venom or Carnage ceramic mug and cool it down if necessary with ice courtesy of the Marvel Comics Heroes Ice Cube Tray. While you eat, rest your drink on your Call of Duty: Black Ops III Coaster Set and then store any leftovers in your Exclusive Blizzard Cute but Deadly Magnet set-decorated fridge.

Batman Bundle

Batman Bundle – $35.00

Holy epic loot, Bat-Fan! This bundle features awesome items that’ll keep you stylish and showcase your love of the Dark Knight and his infamously insane archenemy. Don the magnificent Batman Manga Raglan Tee and a pair of Batman premium crew socks; take down screws and bottle caps like a pro with the Batman Multi-Tool; and become the envy of your peers with Batcave-worthy Exclusive collectibles including a Batman Q-Pop figure, a DC Collectibles Joker Wooden Figure and a Joker Batman Funko Pop! Act now before this Bat-Bundle goes bye-bye.

Star Wars Bundle

Star Wars – $35.00

There’s been an awakening … of sweet Star Wars items. This bundle features rad starship-print lounge pants guaranteed to be more comfortable than a tauntaun’s carcass; snazzy R2-D2 and C-3PO socks (one of each!) that are definitely the droids you’re looking for; an adorable BB-8 clutch for keeping your small but important stuff safe and a gorgeous Han Solo Pop Vinyl you won’t want to let out of your sight. Every item (except the BB-8 clutch) is EXCLUSIVE to Loot Crate. If you want ‘em, you gotta get ‘em from us!

You can view my past Crate Review here for more information about Loot Crate.

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