Carnivore Club: Chocolate And Flowers Are “Boar”-ing!!

Carnivore Club: Chocolate And Flowers Are “Boar”-ing!!

Carnivore Club Valentines Meat Box Special

Cost: $85

Valentines Day Shipping Deadline: Orders placed before February 8th are guaranteed to arrive by Valentine’s Day.

What is Carnivore Club?

Receive an Handcrafted American Pine Iron Branded Keepsake box that houses 4-6 cured meats selections from top artisans. Within a monthly subscription box with Carnivore Club subscribers receive a box of themed cured meats such as: French Charcuterie, Italian Salumi, Spanish Chorizo, South African Biltong and Artisanal Jerky.

Gift this Crate:

The Carnivore Club CLASSIC gift subscription is packaged in our original attractively designed faux-wood box. Easily gift 1 to 12 months of Carnivore Club to the discerning foodie in your life to show how much you love them. What better way to a foodie’s heart than premium quality charcuterie?

The beautiful, rustic MEAT CRATE is made with real wood stained in an oak finish, making this the most memorable and impressive way to to give your discerning foodie the gift of artisan charcuterie. When you really love someone, you want to go above and beyond – this crate of gorgeous cured meat is definitely above and beyond.

Not sure if this box is what you need right now? Check out there Monthly Carnivore Club subscription which is just $55 per month!

What do you think of Carnivore Club?


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