GlobeIn: February Benefit Basket Spoilers!

GlobeIn: February Benefit Basket Spoilers!

GlobeIn February Benefit Basket

Cost: $19.99 per month; unsubscribe anytime with no obligation.

Coupon: Save 25% off of the first box of a 3 month subscription with code TRYBENEFIT

What is GlobeIn Benefit Basket?

In the Benefit Basket you will receive one handcrafted good from a remarkable, remote artisan to give them global reach. The handcrafted good will be packed into one of GlobeIn’s colorful baskets from their weaving collective in Oaxaca, Mexico. In addition to trying to get the artisan some recognition, GlobeIn shares their story and community as well as the impact of your support.


1) GlobeIn Signature Palm Leaf Basket from Oaxaca, Mexico (Retail $12).

Please note: basket designs may vary (i.e. round and square). All baskets will come with lids.

2) Hand-Painted Bowl by Le Souk Ceramique, Tunisia (Retail $14).

All the bowls come in the Qamara design (pictured).
Measurements: 6″ wide


About the Artisan:

Just 26 years old, Maryam Aya is one of Le Souk’s younger artists, responsible for painting the dots of your bowl’s Qamara design.

Le Souk hired her straight out of art school in 2012, at the height of youth unemployment after the EU financial crisis and the 2011 Tunisian revolution.

Unmarried and living at home, Maryam uses her Le Souk income to help provide for her family while also beginning to save for her own household — that is, if and when she meets the right gentleman.

Will you be ordering the GlobeIn February Benefit Basket? Let us know how you like it! Which part of the Artisan’s story resonated with you?


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