Bespoke Post: February’s Box of Awesome – Pack!!

Bespoke Post: February’s Box of Awesome – Pack!!


Bespoke Post

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What is Bespoke Post?

We scour the world for time-tested, small-batch, or otherwise remarkable gear. Check out our theme-driven boxes, choice products, and the stories behind it all. Each month we release a themed, limited-edition collection of products. Subscribe or just pick up one.

On the 1st of every month, Bespoke will e-mail you to announce your latest box choices. You can skip (Opt out by the 5th normally)  the month, Cancel, or even automatically ship! I love Bespoke Post’s Ingenuity on their theme-driven boxes, product choices and even the stories behind each item! The quality of each item has left me highly satisfied without a doubt in my mind that I made a great choice in my selection!

Pack is one of the featured boxes of the Month:

School supplies, meet work supplies.

Back-to-school shopping was always an event, but it’s not just for kids anymore. Once in awhile, take some time to refresh your daily supplies. We’re getting you started with a few office-appropriate essentials that work for everything from commuting to a day hike.

Miller Backpack, Volume: 16 L, (H)18″ x (W)14″ x (D)5″

Jack & Mulligan

When you’re looking to carry around everything from workout clothes to your work computer, stash it in a sleek pack that keeps its silhouette, no matter how much goes in it. And trust us, we’ve filled it to the brim. It holds 16 liters, which is the equivalent of a weekend’s worth of clothes, a pair of sneakers, and your 15″ laptop.

The bag is named for the American author Henry Miller, a sharp dresser and a progressive writer who pioneered the fictional first-person autobiographical style of writing. Just like Miller, this bag is strong. Made with duck canvas (an incredibly sturdy fabric that’s much more tightly woven than its plain counterpart), leather accents, and cotton webbing straps, there’s no detail overlooked. Made in the USA, the construction is ready to take on anything from a quick walk to a long weekend away.


HB Graphite Pencils, Set of Two


Constructed from incense cedar and graphite, these are a re-imagined version of an original design pioneered by the company. They set out to create a more distinctive design, one that would help artists and writers immediately identify the graphite hardness by the marking on the end. Made in Japan by an American company, this implement is an HB grade, roughly equivalent to a #2. There are a lot of pencils to choose from when you’re sketching your masterpiece, so don’t put down your ideas with just anything.

Keep your creative inspiration all in one place.


Don’t Forget these add-ons to make your box even better!!

Bespoke Post
$10 $14
Joshu Vela

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