Loot Crate’s Loot Anime February 2016 Theme Revealed!

Loot Crate’s Loot Anime February 2016 Theme Revealed!

Anime Haunted

Loot Crate: Loot Anime

Cost: Starting at $22.95 plus $5 S&H

Order by: Deadline to get February’s Loot Anime crate – 9pm PT on 2/27/16

What is Loot Crate?

Is a theme packed crate of 6 to 8 handpicked items every month. Some of their top franchises include: Star Wars, DC, Marvel, Nintendo and Pop Vinyl! In your crate you could find items such as Zombie themed T-Shirts, Simpsons merchandise, Ninja Turtles, and even good old Ren and Stimpy. All of these and many more have graced the Loot Crate stage.

Loot Anime is a monthly mystery bundle of figures, collectibles, manga, apparel, accessories and more from some of your favorite anime and manga series with a new theme every month! $60+ value in every crate!

If you like getting new stuff, this is for you! Loot Crate is like getting a new gift each month, especially if you happen to forget that you’re signed up for it. Did you get something in your box that isn’t quite your cup of tea? Instant gift for someone else!

Speaking of gifts for someone else; Loot Crate also has gift subscriptions(Loot Crate Gifts). If Loot Crate isn’t for you, but you have friends or family who you know would love it, why not get a subscription for them!

Either way it makes for an excellent gift whether it’s for yourself or someone else; especially with the January theme.

Loot Crate Presents: Loot Anime! February’s theme is Haunted!

Prepare for a Haunted February Crate filled with collectibles too powerful to contain! Whether you’re a benevolent being or something more sinister, we’ve manifested demonic and godly goodies from your favorite supernatural franchises:

  • RWBY
  • Tokyo Ghoul
  • Noragami
  • Soul Eater

A New Crate also means… A New Kaiju Crate



Past Loot Anime Crates:



What do you think about the February 2016 Theme for Loot Anime ?


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