Bespoke Post: A Toast to the Perfectly AGED Cocktail!!

Bespoke Post: A Toast to the Perfectly AGED Cocktail!!


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Aged is one of the featured boxes of the Month:

Age your next drink to perfection.

Here’s how it works: Choose a cocktail or unaged liquor, pour it into the aging kit, wait about 10 days, then taste the transformation. The stave, made from charred white oak (the same kind of wood that bourbon barrels are made out of), imparts a woodsy richness to your drink. The passing time lets the existing flavors meld into a perfect harmony, and allows new ones to come to the surface.

Cocktail Aging Kit

Bespoke Post

Straight from the craftsmen at Black Swan Cooperage, this pair of charred honeycomb white oak barrel staves makes every flavor in your cocktail just a little smoother. Simply place one of your staves into the 375 ml vessel along with the pour of your choice, wait 8–10 days, and let the magic happen. Each stave can be used 4–6 times, with each subsequent use giving you a softer and subtler finish than the last.

There are two different approaches you can take:

  1. Use an unaged liquor like gin, vodka, or white rum in your kit. Once it’s done aging, you can either sip it straight, or mix it into a cocktail to lend a warm, oaky presence.
  2. Mix a spirit-forward cocktail – like a Manhattan, Negroni, or Martini – then age the mixture to imbue the whole thing with a woodsy flavor. Just don’t use any recipes that contain ingredients that could spoil, like eggs or juice.

Once you’ve done the hard part (waiting), pour out your creation through the included cheesecloth strainer and sip away.


“Cupa-Rocks” Cocktail Tumblers, Set of Two


A standard rocks glass is a strong way to sip your booze, but sometimes you want something a bit more unique. Sempli’s version rolls with the punches, with a unique swirling design that’s hand-blown from lead-free Italian crystal. Use it to sip on wine, whiskey, cognac, cocktails – basically, just about anything. Because the way you serve your Old Fashioned doesn’t have to be so old fashioned.

We’re bringing the distillery to your doorstep.


Don’t Forget these add-ons to make your box even better!!

Bespoke Post Finds
David Solmonson and Lesley Jacobs Solmonson
$10 $15
Cocktail Kingdom
Fee Brothers

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