MeUndies: February Design Review! Plus Coupon!

MeUndies: February Design Review! Plus Coupon!


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  • Men’s Undies Subscriptions $16/month
    • Boxer Briefs
    • Trunks
    • Briefs
  • Women’s Undies Subscriptions $14/month
    • Bikini
    • Boy Short
    • Cheeky Brief
    • Modal Thong
  • Free shipping within the US and Canada. All other international orders have a flat shipping rate of $12 plus any other fees that may apply depending on the location.

Coupon: Follow this link to get 20% off of your first order: MeUndies

What are MeUndies?

We created MeUndies because everyone deserves ridiculously comfortable underwear and we were tired of all the compromises made in order to find a great pair.

MeUndies was created for you because we truly believe a pair of our underwear will change your life, make you bolder, and save you time and money.

With the subscription, you pick your initial pair and then each month you get a curated design of the month at a discounted rate. You can skip months or cancel your subscription anytime.




I started out with getting just a pair. I wanted to see how they fit and felt. I had been on the fence for almost 2 years because I wasn’t sure if the sizing would be okay for my body type. I usually have to wear a larger size in pants/shorts and regular retail underwear to accommodate my thighs. However, I followed the size chart that they provide on the MeUndies site and they fit perfectly. Even if they don’t fit, MeUndies will work with you to make sure you get the right fit. And if you flat out don’t like them, MeUndies will give you your money back!

I decided to subscribe to MeUndies. With the subscription you get the design pattern of the month at a discounted price. Don’t like a particular month’s design? Go to MeUndies and skip that month. Have you found that after awhile you have too many Undies? Cancel your subscription anytime.

Design of the Month

Give Love this Valentine’s Day with the Special Edition Keith Haring MeUndies.

In true Keith Haring style, this print is a bold celebration of love, featuring his classic work,Haring Heart”.

Shop February’s Design of the Month now in 7 comfy styles so you can give love and get cute in matching pairs with your boo. 

Kh banner desktop adc860d4fdba400d41e185585ec91e7e085224b2a5be3bb4ef21c766ef2dbb89

Despite the tracking saying they would be delivered on the 16th. I got my Design of the Month MeUndies on Saturday, Feb 13th; before Valentine’s Day as guaranteed by MeUndies!


Since it was a smaller shipment, MeUndies opted to go with this re-sealable bag. I thought that I was just getting the Design of the Month undies, but I felt something else in the package. You’ll also notice that this bag has the design of the month print on it as opposed to the normal grey MeUndies bag.


In addition to the Haring Heart patterned undies, there was a card that talks a little bit about the design and a pack of three Valentine’s Day cards.

I wasn’t sure what it was at first as they came in a celophane bag. I thought the might have been a note pad or maybe cards. My second guess was right!!


Each card had a different vibrant design with their own unique message in each:

MeUndiesFebHeartsCard MeUndiesFebHeartsInside

MeUndiesFebBlack MeUndiesFebBlackInside

MeUndiesFebPurple MeUndiesFebPurpleInside

The Undies: The undies themselves are amazing! They fit like a glove but felt like they weren’t there. They didn’t bunch or ride and they kept me dry; even after a pretty intense work-out! The quality is the same despite there being a different pattern as opposed to the black ones I initially ordered.

The only thing I would have hoped for differently with this month’s design is that it would have come sooner. I definitely would have sent The Subscriptionist at least one of those cards, if not all three!! That aside though. I was pleased with this month’s MeUndies design.

The bottom line is that these are the most comfortable undies that I have ever worn! I highly recommend you try them! I am certainly glad that I did!

Other MeUndies Moments

Tori McPetrie @TMcpetrie 6 Jan 2016 Just slipped into my new @MeUndies and my boyfriend may be sad...don't want to take these bad boys off!

Cinthya Alicea @CinCinBear 26 Dec 2015 @MeUndies It felt like I took liquid silk and it perfectly molded to my booty and embraced it with all its love! They're really soft!

Andrew White @IMAndrewWhite 19 Nov 2015 @MeUndies are the best thing to happen to my crotch in many a moon.

kyle krukowski @kylekruko85 5 Oct 2015 @MeUndies boxer briefs are the equivalent of what I would dream angels holding your balls would feel like.

Have you upgraded to the world’s most comfortable undies yet? Tell us what you think about MeUndies!


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