Groovy Lab: 50% OFF “Fly With Me” Single Box!

Groovy Lab: 50% OFF “Fly With Me” Single Box!

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Groovy Lab in a Box

Cost: $26.95 per month or less depending on subscription length!

Coupon: Use coupon code FLY50 to save 50% off the “Fly With Me” Single Box

What is Groovy Lab in a Box?

Groovy Lab in a Box encompasses monthly STEM projects which use an Engineering Design Process.  Your student(s) are have the opportunity to engage their imaginations and apply critical thinking skills to each project included. Included in each month’s  Groovy Lab in a Box subscription, STEMists will receive creative and engaging  projects focused on the month’s STEM topic.

50% OFF “Fly With Me” Single Box!

Are you looking for the perfect STEM activity for children, ages 8 and older? Consider Groovy Lab in a Box! Groovy Lab in a Box is a monthly STEM kit that encourages critical thinking, problem solving and fun! Groovy Lab in a Box incorporates STEM investigations and an Engineering Design Challenge – all designed around the Next Generation Science Standards. Each box has a retro-themed lab notebook and access to the Beyond…in a Box, a special web portal for additional groovy STEM fun!

In fact, Popular Mechanics magazine included Groovy Lab in a Box in its 100% Wholesome Holiday Gift Guide – a compilation of some of the best toys that promote scientific inquiry and engineering.

Take advantage of Groovy Lab in a Box’s sale and check it out for yourself! You can get 50% off “Fly With Me” Single Box! Just use code FLY50 at checkout. Hurry and be sure to give your STEM Friends a groovy heads up while supplies last. US residents only.

Engineering Design Challenge: You are a starry-eyed aerospace engineer and a groovy world traveler. You dream of taking off in the blue, gliding where the air is stratified and floating down to Peru. Using only the materials from your Groovy Lab in a Box, can you design, build, and launch an airplane generating thrust with a propeller which travels fifteen feet? STEMists, get ready to pack up and fly away!

Investigate: Parachutes; Weight, Lift, Drag and Thrust; Bernoulli’s Principle; Action–Reaction; Force of Air Game; Wings are Lifters; Catapult Airplanes; Airplane Kites; “Deux” Loop Glider ; Helicopter with Propeller, build various types of aerospace vehicles and much, much, more.

STEMists do the “E” in STEM – Engineering Design Process for little engineers. Ages 8+


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