Doorstep Desserts March 2016 Subscription Box Review!

Doorstep Desserts March 2016 Subscription Box Review!


Doorstep Desserts

Plans: $22 monthly plan, $18 weekly plan, $20  biweekly plan

Ships: Free shipping; US Only.

What is Doorstep Desserts?

The new weekly/monthly dessert subscription sends desserts directly to your home (some assembly required lol). Each box includes pre-portioned ingredients with a recipe card that gives step-by-step instructions!

I received this box courtesy of Doorsteps Desserts for the purpose of this review!

I received last week’s dessert: Death by Chocolate Cake!

Included in the box was:

  • 2   5″ Chocolate Round Cakes
  • 1   Container Chocolate Creme Pie Filling
  • 1   Container Chocolate Buttercream Icing
  • 1   Container Chocolate Crumbles
  • 1   Pastry Bag

Your Death by Chocolate Cake comes proportioned in safely packed individual packages! No spills and no broken cakes here!


Included is a recipe card that gives you the step by step instructions for putting together your yummy creation! No Oven needed just a knife and spoon!


Since this box has enough to make 2 cakes, the first step was to cut the chocolate cakes in half!
DoorstepDessertsCake2 DoorstepDessertsCakeCut

The next step was to spoon out some of the Chocolate Buttercream Icing onto one of the halves of the Chocolate Cake! You can see part of the surface of the cake peeled off onto the plate. That’s how moist these cakes are!

  DoorstepDessertsAddIcing2 DoorstepDessertsAddIcing3

The next step was to put the other half of the Chocolate Cake on top of the layer covered with Icing!


The following 2 steps after that were to spread the Chocolate Creme Pie Filling and then sprinkle the Chocolate Krunchies on top of that!

DoorstepDessertsFillingAdded DoorstepDessertsBothCakesComplete

The very last step was to Enjoy your Death by Chocolate Cake!!

DoorstepDessertsReadyToEat DoorstepDessertsVerdict

Overall, I love the concept.  The box price might seem a bit high, but the quality of the ingredients is pretty amazing. I’m not a chocolate cake fan and I loved them!! The cakes were fresh and moist. I was dreading the icing having that horrid “supermarket cake icing” taste, but I was pleasantly surprised. Neither the icing or creme filling was overly sweet either. You also get enough to make 2 cakes and they’re filling. All in all, you’re getting what you pay for; perhaps even more. That is something rare and undervalued these days!

What do you think about Doorstep Desserts? Let us know!!


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