Supply Pod: A “Super” Sneak Peek!!

Supply Pod: A “Super” Sneak Peek!!

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Supply Pod

Cost: $39.99 bi-monthly. Shipping is $7.99 per Pod

What is Supply Pod?

Supply Pod from Outer Places is a bi-monthly subscription box that bridges science and science fiction. Each Supply Pod is an exciting mystery box that contains items catering to a science or science-fiction theme.

This Pod’s theme is Bruce v Clark

Outer Places has loaded this Pod with “super” gear and gadgets to celebrate the Batman v Superman movie coming to theaters later this month!

Sneak Preview!

An exclusive, autographed copy of Batman and Psychology: A Dark and Stormy Knight by Travis Langley.

Travis Langley is a professor of psychology, acclaimed author, and regular panelist at San Diego & New York Comic Cons. Langley’s unique expertise is on full display in this exploration of what drives the Dark Knight.

What do you think of Supply Pod from Outer Places?


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